Those who’ve recently invested in a Wii U can’t be all that content with Ubisoft at this point in time. The developer just recently announced that the once Wii U-exclusive Rayman Legends would be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3, and also be delayed all the way back to this September in order to have a simultaneous launch across all platforms. Despite this news, Nintendo and Ubisoft are apparently getting along just fine, and the two have announced plans to work together to release a new Wii U bundle.

Focusing on the ZombiU title that launched alongside the console this past November, the bundle will provide those who are still on the fence about the Wii U with an opportunity to save some money. The bundle is of the Deluxe variety, meaning that it features the black console and 32GB of internal memory, and it’ll also come with a downloadable version of Nintendo Land. Furthermore, the package will also provide players with a Pro Controller in case they want to rock some ZombiU multiplayer.

All together this Wii U set will run consumers $389.99, which makes it approximately $40 more expensive than the standard Deluxe Set. Still, it’ll save gamers roughly $70 if they were considering investing in both the game and Pro Controller separately — making it a rather solid bargain for those considering the console. This limited edition package will be available across North American retailers on February 17th, so those who are interested can mark their calendars.

ZombiU is heralded as a critically confused title, but the general feedback is (for the most part) good. That said, had the game featured co-op like producer Guillaume Brunier had dreamed of including, then maybe initial reviews would have been a little more positive. Unfortunately, the dev team “ruled it out quickly as we thought we could not deliver it on time,” but there’s always potential for the mode to resurface as DLC.

Overall, this is good deal for those who planned on picking up the included software and controller separately, and is certainly a good enough reason to hold off on buying a Wii U for another week and a half. Oh, and did we forget to mention that it comes with an exclusive booklet that features ZombiU art and never-before-seen developer commentary? Because it totally does.

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Source: NintendoWorldReport