ZombiU Re-Releasing as Zombi for PC, PS4, Xbox One

ZombiU Rereleased as Zombi for PC, PS4, Xbox One - ZombiU shotgun zombie


Despite the fact that the GamePad is the primary controller for the Wii U, Nintendo has found it difficult to create gaming experiences that can justify the second screen experience in a meaningful way. However, there has been one Wii U game that figured it out at launch, and that is the criminally underrated survival-horror game from Ubisoft, ZombiU.

Set in London during a zombie apocalypse, ZombiU is one of the few triple-A hardcore survival-horror titles of the last few years, combining perma-death with a gameplay style that's sort of like Dark Souls with zombies. The game was critically acclaimed in the UK, but most US critics weren't as enthusiastic. In any case, ZombiU will now be reaching a wider audience, as a port to PC, PS4, and Xbox One has been announced, under the new title Zombi. This confirms last month's rumors about ZombiU coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Zombi doesn't seem to have any significant upgrades over the Wii U version, from what we can ascertain from the trailer. For the most part, the graphics appear to be on par with the Wii U version, and Ubisoft didn't mention any new features or content in their initial press release.

It seems like porting ZombiU to a system other than the Wii U could be tricky to pull off, though. The game was built entirely around the GamePad, and removing the Wii U's signature device seems like it would detract a lot from the overall experience. However, it could be possible to recreate the second screen experience for ZombiU on the other systems, through smartphones and tablets, or in the case of the PS4, by utilizing the PlayStation Vita.

ZombiU Rereleased as Zombi for PC, PS4, Xbox One - ZombiU shotgun zombie

However, since not all PC, PS4, and Xbox One owners will have the technology to pull this off, it's more likely that the GamePad features have been streamlined into in-game menus and the like. It definitely won't feel like the same ZombiU experience found on the Wii U in this case, but it's still good that more people will have a chance to try out what is one of the better survival-horror games in recent years.

Even though the game is built heavily around the GamePad, it's not surprising that Ubisoft has decided to port it other systems. ZombiU was not profitable for Ubisoft, most likely in part due to the mixed reviews and the poor sales of the Wii U itself, and bringing it to other platforms means the publisher can potentially make more money off the game.

That being said, a couple of years ago, rumors started circling about a potential sequel to ZombiU, but nothing became of them. A prototype for ZombiU 2 was reportedly developed, and was even said to feature a co-op mechanic. However, with no news since then it appears that Ubisoft has decided not to move forward with the project. Then again, if the PC, PS4, and Xbox One ports of the game are successful, then their might be calls for a sequel.

The freshly renamed Zombi will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One beginning August 18th exclusively as a digital download.

Source: Ubisoft UK

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