Earlier today, a developer at Ubisoft confirmed development has begun on a ZombiU 2 prototype. Although there is no word on if said prototype is merely a test, or if it will eventually become a fully-fledged sequel, this is good news for core Wii U owners regardless.

When asked about a ZombiU sequel on Twitter, Ubisoft Montpellier Creative Director Jean-Philippe Caro confirmed a prototype was in development, but also revealed it was too soon to say anymore than that.

ZombiU Writer Antony Johnston did a similar bit of teasing back in April when he wrote:

Of the Wii U console’s 50+ launch window titles, ZombiU was one that certainly stood out. Having to look at the gamepad to manage one’s inventory wasn’t something totally originally, but doing so while the undead creep nearer and nearer created an interesting dynamic.

That being said, the game wasn’t perfect, and there are a few gameplay elements and features we hope get added for ZombiU 2, specifically some form of cooperative multiplayer. And, as it turns out, Ubisoft is thinking the exact same thing.

When talking about features they hoped to include in the first ZombiU, Ubisoft revealed that co-op was a strong consideration, but time constraints kept that from happening. To be fair, the first ZombiU had a multiplayer mode, but it was more of a strategy game hybrid with only one player having any agency over the zombie killing.

ZombiU Screenshot Gamepad Weapon Crafting

Ubisoft does have some interesting new ideas for ZombiU 2 in terms of a cooperative or multiplayer experience, though. First and foremost, the developer wants to preserve the “fear and tension” that makes the zombie survival genre work so well. The team’s primary concern is that if ZombiU 2 put two players side-by-side that white-knuckle gamplay experience might be less “scary?”

When talking about ideas the dev team had but couldn’t deliver, ZombiU producer Guillaume Brunier told CVG about an “online experience where players never quite know where they stand between coop and player vs. player.” It’s unclear what Brunier means by that, but it sounds like Ubisoft was looking to take a page from Left 4 Dead‘s multiplayer experience.

So, while this ZombiU 2 prototype might remain just that – a prototype – we’re sure there are Wii U owners out there who hope it won’t be. We’ll keep you posted if/when ZombiU 2 is officially announced.

Would you like to see a sequel to ZombiU? What would you like to see Ubisoft introduce for ZombiU 2?

Source: Jean-Philippe Caro — Twitter (via CVG)


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