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If there's one subgenre of both video games and movies that will never, ever go away, it's the zombie genre. No matter where you look, there will always be a title involving zombies, usually in the direct-to-DVD section or as an unannounced title for multiple systems. This is particularly true with independent developers, as it's typically a quick way to get their names out there in the hopes of gaining recognition and eventually moving on to bigger projects.

The group known as Gamers Digital is no different, though they are responsible for a number of internet games, mainly for Apple, Yahoo, and the like. Now, in association with Motiviti, they look to release their first console title for WiiWare, called Zombii Attack.

It's rather difficult to pin down just what exactly Zombii Attack is. According to the press release, a virus has been released, which is triggering the amygdala in the brains of the deceased and bringing them back to life, more aggressive and animalistic than they were before. Dr. Zii has told the survivors that there is one type of zombie out there that may have the cure, but with the horde increasing by the day, there's only so much time for them to hunt down this one type and harvest it.

Perhaps a look at the following screenshots will help shed a little more light on the game.

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There may not be much of a plot, but from the looks of things this isn't the type of game that needs it. Not entirely unlike House of the Dead, Zombii Attack is supposed to be a simple arcade-style shooting game. The player's main weapon is a slingshot that is aimed with the WiiMote, and by using different kinds of ammo and destructible environments, they can get more creative kills. The more creative their kills, the more money they earn, which gives them more kinds of ammo and weapons to purchase. There also appears to be some form of tower defense style gaming in there, if the necessity to fortify one's base (shades of Fortnight, perhaps?) is anything to go by.

Would you be interested in playing Zombii Attack? Do you think it can stand out from the pack of everyday zombie-related games?

Zombii Attack is out now for the Nintendo Wii via WiiWare for 500 Wii Points.

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