Zombie Panic in Wonderland Coming to WiiWare

By | 6 years ago 

Already released in both Japan and Europe, Akaoni Studio’s Zombie Panic in Wonderland is coming to Northern America on May 3rd for 1,000 points. It’s not your typical Wii family fun game. With access to seven characters carrying machine guns, Zombie Panic is an arcade style shooter reminiscent of Cabal in an infested fantasy world.

In the story mode, you will find yourself playing Momotaro and eventually encounter Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Snow White and even Little Red Riding Hood as you try to halt the spread of amorous zombies throughout Wonderland. There are a total of nine stages divided into three levels, finally followed by boss battles. Each level has a six minute timer and secondary weapons or ammo to be found. Weapons include flamethrowers, bazookas, and RPGs. To play, the nunchuk moves you left and right while you use the remote’s pointer controls to aim and fire. Shoot at a tree or a wall with nearby zombies to defeat them or use explosive scenery to your advantage. Almost anything can be destroyed to help stay under the time limit.

Once you complete story mode, you can try again at an increased difficulty or play completed stages in the arcade mode. Through repetitive play, more characters can be unlocked, as well as three costumes for each. A multi-player mode is also available, however without online support. Regardless, Zombie Panic is sure to be a good buy with a cheap price tag. Who doesn’t want to see Snow White live through a zombie massacre?

Here’s the Zombie Panic in Wonderland debut trailer:

Sources: Akaoni Studio