Video games and movies are two vastly different mediums of entertainment. One is a combination of both visual stimulation and tactile interaction, via the controller, while the other is purely visual. But despite the two mediums being so different, they often try to imitate or adapt from the other. It happens more often than it should, and it almost always results in a mess, on either side of the spectrum.

Nowhere is this more evident than with the works of German director Uwe Boll, whose work can can be described as “loose adaptations” of video games at best, and “total insults” to them at worst – Often times the latter. Somehow however, he keeps getting opportunities to make more. We haven’t heard much from him lately, but he has returned with his latest concept, an adaptation of Zombie Massacre.

For those of you who have no idea what that game is – probably most of you – Zombie Massacre was a game that appeared on the Amiga computer back in 1998. It wasn’t very notable, outside of being a clone of Doom, which there were plenty of back in the ’90s. So, now that someone has already ruined Doom with a movie adaptation, Boll’s going to go ahead and ruin a clone of Doom. That’s pretty bad.

But out of all of the movies Boll has made, this is the one he could probably have the hardest time screwing up. First, unlike most of his video game movies, Boll will not be sitting in the director’s chair but will instead take the role of producer. Marco Ristori and Luca Boni, who directed a previous film for Boll, will instead helm Zombie Massacre.

There’s also the fact that this movie is based on a very obscure game, and it features zombies. It’s not like with House of the Dead where fans will notice any screw-ups that you make. He could conceivably do what he wanted and get away with it, because it’s not likely that anyone will care. People will most likely pass it off as just another zombie flick in a whole mess of them, and those movies do have an audience.

Zombie Massacre Movie Poster

But regardless of what Boll does, he will still make money from this, and he will probably go on to make more movies, despite them all being critically panned. He proved that by making two more BloodRayne movies after the first one bombed. Straight-to-video sequels, true, but he still made them.

What do you think of Boll’s attempts to make yet another video game movie? Will you even bother to go see this one?

Source: Bloody Disgusting