Zelda Voice Actress Signs Fan Game Box in Hylian Script

zelda actress signs game in hylian

In Breath of the Wild, voice Actress Patricia Summerset gave a voice to Princess Zelda for the first time in the history of the series, as the games had never featured voice acting in the past. Breath of the Wild not only gave Zelda a voice but also brought her to the forefront and gave her a much richer story. Summerset, a fan of the franchise herself, gave the Princess a confident longing that made players empathetic to her struggles. Now, Summerset has shown another connection to the iconic character: the ability to write in Hylian.

Reddit user Abaker met Summerset recently at the Boston Comic-Con, where he presented her his boxed copy of Breath of the Wild to sign. The voice actress went beyond just signing her name; she also scribbled out some Hylian letters.

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Hylian, the language of the Zelda franchise, has its own translatable alphabet with its own special symbols used throughout the game world. According to the actress, she wrote the words “Open Your Eyes…” on the game box, which references the phrase Zelda says to Link when he first wakes up in the game. Abaker also said that Summerset appeared to add the Hylian line to every signature she wrote, showing true dedication and appreciation for the work she does.

In an interview with Game Rant, Summerset mentioned that she owned the Hyrule Historia and did a lot of lore research for the role. She also grew up playing the games in the franchise, and she said she would relish the opportunity to play Zelda again and would gladly become the ongoing voice of the character in the franchise.

It looks like she will get that chance. With the announcement of Breath of the Wild 2, it seems like Zelda will feature even more prominently in the new game. Nintendo has a history of reusing voice actors for roles over and over again for many years. For example, the current voice of Mario has performed the character across hundreds of games since the mid-90s. It stands to reason they would bring Summerset back for the sequel, where Zelda will perhaps earn a playable role.

Breath of the Wild is out now on Switch and Wii U.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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