Zelda: 10 Plot Holes In Ocarina Of Time That Were Never Explained

We love Ocarina of Time as much as the next person, and we know there isn't exactly a whole lot of plot contained in that little game. But there IS a plot, and some of it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

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Granted, no one really plays these games for their intricate and complex stories, and we can certainly respect that. But the fact remains that the stories themselves can be a little sloppy and full of holes.

These are ten plot holes found within The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that were never explained.

10 The Temples

So...where exactly did all these temples come from? You may not think this aspect of the story to be important, but the fact remains that we are given these gorgeous temples with little to no background information. Naturally, the Zelda community has come together to posit a few interesting theories, although nothing is concrete.

Some people think they were just...there. Others think they were left behind by the goddess Hylia. And others think that the temples share similarities, or are just outright the exact same temples, as the ones found in Twilight Princess. Either way, the answers are seriously lacking!

9 The Biggoron

We have to ask - why didn't Biggoron just storm Ganondorf's castle and dispose of the man himself? He is certainly large enough to storm a castle, and he is obviously skilled at making and wielding swords. Seems to us that Ganon wouldn't even put up a fight against Biggoron.

Of course, this could be due to Biggoron's lineage, as he is a Goron, and the Gorons are like hobbits - perfectly happy working and eating rather than fighting. Others claim that Ganon was starving the Gorons, and as a result, they wouldn't put up much of a fight. Regardless, it's an option that Link and Biggoron really should have thought about.

8 How Does The Master Sword Control Time?

The thing about time travel stories is that they often open up a whole can of worms. Unfortunately, Ocarina of Time is certainly no different. One common question involves the Master Sword and time travel - why does putting it in its pedestal cause Link to travel back in time?

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And by that logic, pulling it out should immediately transport him to the future, but it doesn't. Why not? Naturally, no one really knows the answer to this conundrum, because there isn't one. Put simply, the story and the game required this to be the case, so it is. Then again, this is a fantasy video game about time travel, so maybe we should just go with it.

7 Link's Seven Year Coma

In Ocarina of Time, Link is essentially put into a coma for seven years. In reality, this would lead to all sorts of troubles, and his muscles would likely atrophy. However, immediately upon waking, Link is back to his same old self, kicking his enemies' butts, and lifting enormous items.

If his muscles hadn't been used for seven years, he'd be a limp body on the floor, not a butt-kicking warrior. Yeah yeah, we know, we should probably just ignore this because it's a video game and the sleep was magical or some such. But come on, you have to at least question why Link is able to do what he does after seven years of inaction!

6 The Skeletons And The Running Man

OK, so in Ocarina of Time, the skeletons in Hyrule Field attack you while you're looking for the Running Man. Yet they never show even a passing interest in the Running Man! The heck is up with that!? As far we know, the Running Man isn't a ghost or anything, so the skeletons should definitely be interested in him, yet just like every other enemy in the game, they only show an interest in Link.

Some people think the Running Man was too fast for the skeletons and they eventually gave up, while others just concede that it is a video game and that the enemies are programmed to attack the player. But that's boring.

5 The Cow On Death Mountain

OK, so there's this cow no top of Death Mountain that apparently survived for SEVEN YEARS on FOUR bushes. Yeah, we're calling nonsense on that! You're telling us that he survived for that long, in a tiny cave, on four bushes alone? And for that matter, how did the cow even get into that tiny cave in the first place? It certainly didn't waltz in, and we doubt it fell through a crack, seeing as how small those were.

Unfortunately, this is just another instance of us having to suspend our disbelief and just go with it. But you know what, we take our cow logic seriously here, so we really have to wonder about it.

4 The Kokiri In Hyrule Field

At the very end of Ocarina of Time, the Kokiri can be seen dancing in Hyrule Field. It's very cute, and very touching. But it's also very troublesome, as the Kokiri were said to die if they left the forest. So, what's up with them dancing in Hyrule Field? There are a few possibilities here.

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The fact that they couldn't leave the forest may have been a lie to prevent them from doing so. Maybe it was the Stalchildren and Peahats keeping them in. Maybe the forest grants them immortality, and leaving makes them mortal, resulting in their eventual death? Either explanation can work, but it may also just be a plot hole that we all kind of skipped over.

3 Where Was Link Sent Back?

It's been over twenty years, and we still don't really know where Zelda sent Link at the end of the game. This could be enormously problematic, as Zelda sent Link back to seven years to live the life he missed. But if she did that, wouldn't she have sent Link back into a time when Ganon ruled Hyrule?

In that timeline, he still has the triforce - so, did Zelda send Link back into a tyrannical rule? If not, when exactly did Link land in the past? Right before meeting Zelda? Just before touching the Master Sword? No one really knows, and it has confounded the Zelda fanbase for literal decades.

2 The Kid In The Graveyard

So, turns out that there's a really depressing and creepy subplot in Ocarina of Time, and it involves the kid in the graveyard. While in the future, you learn that the kid never came home one day - and that's literally all you hear of him. You don't know what happened, you don't know where he is.

All you know is that he is "gone," and this is never explained. Did he move away with his mother? Did Ganon get to him and turn him into one of his evil minions? Did he become the cloaked ghost hunter? Did he, you know, die? No one really knows, but it's definitely implied that something malicious happened to him. Poor kid.

1 The Golden Gauntlets

We love the Golden Gauntlets, but they prove to be incredibly problematic from a logical perspective. Once you acquire the Golden Gauntlets, you are granted immense strength, and you are able to lift and push away a massive boulder that is easily four or five times your size.

So, Link essentially becomes Hercules. Yet he still has trouble moving normal, everyday blocks? Why? Gameplay, sure, but from a story perspective, this makes absolutely no sense. Why can't he lift these blocks? And even if he couldn't LIFT them for whatever reason, shouldn't he have been able to PUSH them away? It doesn't make a lick of sense.

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