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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch and for many Nintendo fans, this will be the first title they play on their new console, and for good reason. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is garnering impressive reviews across the web, including from Game Rant, which gave the game a perfect score.

Once gamers hop into Breath of the Wild, they’ll undoubtedly be anxious to explore the vast open world. To traverse such a large area, gamers would be well served taming a horse to carry them along. But for Zelda veterans, not just any horse will do. Instead, players can get Epona, Link’s iconic riding companion from Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and other The Legend of Zelda titles. Turns out, contrary to previous reports, players can ride Epona in Breath of the Wild.

Fortunately for Breath of the Wild players, there’s no complicated process to get Epona. Instead, it’s a quick process, assuming players have a particular amiibo character. Here’s Game Rant’s guide to getting Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Be sure to check out the other amiibo bonuses after the Epona guide.

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Preparing to Acquire Epona

In order for gamers to obtain Epona in Breath of the Wild, they’ll need to first acquire the Link amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series. The amiibo is available online for around $11, or can be found at many gaming retail stores.

With the Link amiibo in hand, the next step is for players to make sure the amiibo feature is active on the Nintendo Switch. This can be done quickly in the settings. Once these two steps are completed, players will be ready to get Epona

Use the Link Amiibo with the Switch

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Now all that’s needed is for gamers to use the Link amiibo with the sensor on the right Joy-Con. The game will recognize the amiibo and players can watch excitedly as Epona pops up next to Link.

In order for players to keep Epona in Breath of the Wild, they’ll need to take the horse by the stables and register the companion. Those who take the time to use the amiibo and register Epona will be well served by doing so. Epona spawns with full Strength, Speed, and Stamina stats, has a Gentle temperament, and a Max Bond with Link. Needless to say, Epona is easily the best horse companion gamers can hope for in Breath of the Wild.

We’ll note that players won’t be able to rename Epona like they can other horses they capture in the wild. Considering Epona’s history in The Legend of Zelda franchise, it seems the stable master isn’t too keen on letting players alter the name.

Other Amiibo Goodies

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It turns out the Super Smash Bros. Link isn’t the only amiibo to offer some fun in-game bonuses. For instance, the Wolf Link amiibo from Twilight Princess spawns a wolf companion for players. This wolf companion will aid players against foes and help hunt animals for materials and supplies.

There’s also the Wind Waker Zelda amiibo, which drops a chest filled with helpful items for players. This amiibo can be reused once per day for players to collect the helpful valuables every 24 hours.

Once The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches for all Nintendo Switch and Wii U gamers, there will undoubtedly be many players trying any and all amiibo to see what, if anything, they provide.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches March 3, 2017 for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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