The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1 Details

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1 Details

Nintendo has announced what will be included with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's DLC Pack 1. DLC Pack 1 is the first of two pieces of DLC included in Breath of the Wild's Season Pass, with the first pack launching this summer and the latter coming out this holiday. DLC Pack 1 includes several useful gameplay features, in-game challenges, and a bevy of rewards for Link to discover on his journey to defeat Calamity Ganon.

New Armor for Link

The DLC Pack 1 can be split into 5 chunks of content, though some of those chunks are much larger than others. For example, one is a bevy of new armor that has been added to the game. There are 9 armor pieces in total, separated into 5 outfits or themes. Only one of the pieces has had its unique traits described, however. The others may or may not have their own traits, but Zelda fans should be pleased with them anyway:

  • Tingle's Outfit - Including Tingle's Hood, Tingle's Shirt, and Tingle's Tights
  • Phantom Armor - Including the Phantom Helmet, Phantom Armor, and Phantom Greaves
  • Majora's Mask
  • Midna's Helmet

The final item is a leafy Korok Mask. While wearing the Korok mask, the mask will shake whenever Link is near one of the 900 Korok locations hidden throughout Hyrule. The Korok mask, as well as the other 8 armor pieces, are hidden in treasure chests within the world of Hyrule. Nintendo recommends looking for tips for the locations of these treasure chests as you explore.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1 Details - Armor

Hard Mode and the Trial of the Sword

Alongside the new armor pieces, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's DLC Pack 1 includes a few extra additions, some that will help players on their adventure and others that will test their mettle. One new item, the Travel Medallion, allows Link to create a fast travel point anywhere on the map. Unfortunately Link can only have one of these self-created travel points active at any given time, but he can move that single point around by using the Travel Medallion over again.

Hard Mode is exactly what players expect, offering a greater challenge throughout the game. All enemies are now one level higher than usual, with Red Bokoblins becoming Blue Bokoblins and so on. Enemies will also regain health over time, and have higher levels than available in normal mode. Finally, enemies (and treasure chests) will be able to spawn floating on rafts in the sky.

As far as some exciting content to help players, the Hero's Path feature will show on the in-game map where Link has traveled in the past. It tracks the last 200 hours of gameplay, so most players will be able to complete the game and see every step they took along the journey.

Finally, the last part of the DLC Pack 1 is actual in-world content to tackle that isn't just a chest to discover. The Trial of the Sword is located at a "sacred location," where Link will battle waves of enemies. The Trial starts with Link stripped of all equipment, armor, and weapons, so Link will have to salvage what he can mid-battle. Completing the Trial, a total of about 45 rooms, is said to unlock the "true power" of the Master Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now for both the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. The Season Pass, which is the only way to acquire DLC Pack 1 & 2, is available digitally for $19.99 USD ($28.19 CAD). DLC Pack 1 launches this summer.

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