Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player Beats Two Lynels Without Touching Ground

legend of zelda breath of the wild player beats 2 lynels without touching ground

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an incredible achievement for Nintendo - it's one of the best games of 2017, and the longevity it has in capturing players' imaginations is unparalleled. By now, many of the people enthralled by Breath of the Wild's complex world have likely beaten the main narrative, yet it remains one of the most talked about games on social media. Part of that discussion has now begun to center around fans creating their own versions of the Breath of the Wild end-game, with many creative gamers attempting increasingly difficult feats of strength and cunning in an effort to impress other Breath of the Wild players.

Now, one gamer has managed to pull off a truly epic accomplishment - a YouTube user named Nassi has uploaded a video on their channel where they down two of Breath of the Wild's Lynel beasts in a short span of time. While beating Lynels on their own is difficult, however, it isn't the fact that Nassi defeated them so much as how they did it. Nassi beat down both Lynels after jumping off a cliff, and Link never touched the ground before both powerful enemies were done. Check out the video:

Ultimately, Nassi's strategy revolves around keeping Link airborne using a combination of bomb arrows and stamina upgrade items. Nassi's Link is also heavily upgraded already, which can't hurt, but players looking to emulate the achievement will only need fried greens dishes and a lot of practice. Shooting bomb arrows at the ground creates a wind current that keeps Link afloat and pushes him up into the air further, allowing Nassi to chain arrows together and allow him to move from one Lynel to another without touching the ground.

Nassi has somehow managed to top the Guardian riding trick in Breath of the Wild with their complex take on aerial combat, but it's likely that another player will simply see this as a challenge and the community's long game of oneupmanship will carry on. One knock against Nassi's trick is that it's very expensive - they go through a lot of bomb arrows to pull it off, so players will likely want to be well into the post-game exploration of Breath of the Wild before attempting it.

Hopefully, Breath of the Wild players keep coming up with even more creative ways to impress. The process has been an enjoyable one to observe even for people who haven't played the game that has helped Nintendo sell nearly 3 million Switch consoles, and friendly competition between gamers is always a welcome breath of fresh air from the more intense multiplayer showdowns we're often accustomed to.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now on Switch and Wii U.

Source: YouTube

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