Although it seems like there are infinite things to do in the official Nintendo Switch version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (especially now that the DLC has arrived), that hasn’t stopped the PC modding community from finding ways to enhance the game. There isn’t a PC version of Breath of the Wild, but there is an emulator that supports open modding from the community. The latest upcoming modification for the emulator plans to allow gamers to tackle Hyrule together.

Zelda has traditionally been a one-player experience, but exploring Breath of the Wild in a small group is definitely a tempting proposal. The multiplayer mod that is in development by a member of the REGNR8 community allows a second Link to enter the world and play alongside Player 1.

Here’s a look at the two player mode in action…


Since the initial post on Reddit began blowing up, users have confirmed that the mod is not complete and still needs some time in development. Members of the PC community who tried to get in on the fun did not have any luck and it turns out the mod is still a long shot away from ready. The screenshots aren’t fake, but they are from the creator and his close friends and don’t represent an experience that other plays can recreate at this point.

Here is an explanation of the issues¬†and the mod’s current state…

“Everyone please remember it’s very VERY early in development and only works locally (on one PC) as of right now according to Fooni (the one that first posted this), it requires two cemu clients opened at once which is currently really unstable. I expect it to take many many months…¬†Slightly misleading, these screenshots are not photoshops at this point, but the creators are ‘Fooni and Friends’. Friends being the ones who took the screenshot.”

“Currently the mod looks like it is at a point where a second player is just controlled civilian with Link’s model (also notice every screenshot has the camera facing the same angle and both Links next to each other). Be patient everyone, single-player emulation is not even perfected yet there are still small bugs in Cemu depending on hardware.”

Sounds like we’ll be waiting for quite a while. Fans of the emulator will have to keep their fingers crossed that Nintendo doesn’t find a way to shut things down before the mod is complete. We’ll keep an eye on the mod’s progress and update when it is in a playable state.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now for Nintendo Switch. The Breath of the Wild multiplayer PC emulator mod is still in development.

Source: Reddit