Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trick Gives Players Infinite Horse Stamina

legend of zelda breath of the wild infinite horse stamina trick

One Zelda fan has uncovered an unusual glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that offers infinite, non-depleting stamina when on Link's horse, giving users the ability to ride at maximum speed without ever coming close to hitting exhaustion. YouTube user Master0fHyrule discovered the trick and explained how Breath of the Wild players can achieve it themselves.

Before attempting to execute the trick, it's required that players are equipped with a shield, as they will essentially be carrying out a modified version of shield surf in order to obtain infinite horse stamina. Begin by mounting the horse and tapping the "A" button to start riding. Then, hold down the "ZL" trigger on the Switch's left Joy-Con controller. While maintaining hold on the "ZL" trigger, press the "ZR" trigger on the right Joy-Con and hold both.

Here is where things get a bit more complicated. Master0fHyrule states the next step is to hit the jump button (in his case, the "X," but can vary from player to player depending on controller mapping) while still holding both "ZL" and "ZR." Release hold on the jump button and quickly dash by pressing "A."

If you follow these steps correctly, Master0fHyrule explains, players will be able to keep the momentum going, causing Link's horse to continue sprinting without slowing down or stopping. He recommends that users put some time into perfecting the glitch, as it can take some getting used to, but states players should be able to find their rhythm with the trick after practicing.

This horseback-riding stamina trick comes closely after the discovery of another infinitely looping one: the ability to climb mountains without stopping. YouTube user and Zelda fan GameXplain discovered the trick, and detailed what it takes for players to have it for themselves.

The steps to execute the mountain-climbing stamina trick are far less complex than those of Master0fHyrule's equestrian version. All users will need to do is begin climbing, slide down by pressing "B," then press again while moving the left Joy-Con controller's thumb-stick forward. This counters the sliding, causes Link to begin walking up the mountain, and recovers his stamina completely in the process. Like the infinite horse stamina trick, players can repeat the process over as many times as they'd like.

legend of zelda breath of the wild horse stamina trick infinite

A fair few Zelda fans will probably be bookmarking this stamina trick in their minds to whip out during their next speed-run attempt. The current speed-run record is just over an hour, held by a player who beat Breath of the Wild in 65 minutes. But that impressive accomplishment likely won't be enough to hold other hopefuls back from attempting to best it, even by a mere a minute or two. And thankfully for them, Master0fHyrule's discovery of infinite horse stamina may allow them to do just that.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now for the Nintendo Switch and the WiiU.

Source: YouTube

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