Every Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Costume, Ranked From Worst To Best

Changing outfits isn't necessarily new to The Legend of Zelda series. After all, we got to swap tunic colors in Ocarina of Time and Link turned into completely different creatures on Majora's Mask. Yet, Breath of the Wild offered players the first real "change of costume" for our favorite Hylian hero. No longer was Link forced to parade around in his traditional garb. He could be a rock climber, a barbarian, or even a man in a rubber fish suit.

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In honor of this change of clothing, we're looking back and ranking the best costumes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Note that these costumes are only the main fare and won't include the Amiibo variants or the DLC!

15 Dark Link Set

breath of the wild dark link

It's a shame to have to place the Dark Link set at the "bottom" of our list because, aesthetically, it looks absolutely amazing. Dark Link has been a prominent force in the Zelda universe and you'll definitely look a lot cooler with this outfit on. Sadly, aside from looks, you won't find much else. The defense is lacking and its only real "boost" is that Link runs faster at night.

14 Gerudo Vai Set

For the most part, the costumes in Breath of the Wild serve some extended purpose. They'll usually give you a set bonus if you own all the pieces or you'll end up with better defense to protect against attacks. The Gerudo Vai set exists solely to help Link gain entry into Gerudo Village. At least it offers a little heat resistance...

13 Hylian Set

Sure, we shouldn't knock this set too much considering it's the first new costume you'll come across, but we can't ignore the fact that it provides marginally better stats and no set bonuses. That said, it does look pretty awesome with its Robin Hood–esque hood.

12 Soldier Set

The Soldier Set suffers from the same issues as the Hylian Set, with a lack of any real set bonus or resistances.

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It is better overall in terms of its defense stats, so it gets a place hop over its cloth cousin. Keeping the helmet is always an option if you're craving a guardsman motif.

11 Rubber Set

Let's just get this out of the way. The helmet for the Rubber Set is ridiculous and the remaining pieces are like a rejected Superhero costume. Weird visuals aside, the Rubber Suit only offers link sanctuary from being shocked. This seems useful until you receive the Thunder Helmet, which essentially does the same thing, while freeing up two spaces for other stat boosts.

10 Armor Of The Wild

Link's iconic armor offers a unique set boost that ups the beam damage for the Master Sword, but it falls this far down the list due to its uselessness otherwise and the fact that it's extremely difficult to get. You'll need to conquer all 120 shrines. By that time, you've got much better armor with much better upgrades. The beam damage is nice, but it's not game-changing.

9 Stealth Set

On paper, this set seems like a slam dunk. It looks fantastic from a visual standpoint and gives you a better bonus to your stealth stats. The full set allows you to run faster at night, which is somewhat helpful in the right situations. The downside is that the stealth in Breath of the Wild is iffy in most areas and it's not like the bonus you receive makes you an invisible ghost to the enemy. You can achieve the same effects with a potion or some food.

8 Flamebreaker Set

The Flamebreaker set is an absolute must, considering it's one of the "easiest" ways to conquer the heat of Death Mountain. It has decent defense stats and wearing the entire suit will make you impervious to fire damage.

7 Snowquill Set

The Snowquill set does essentially the same thing as the Flamebreaker set but is tuned for intense cold, rather than heat. There are certain areas you'll traverse that are covered in snow, so donning a piece of this armor can help warm you up. Wearing the entire set will make Link immune to freezing.

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The Snowquill setup gets a bump over the Flamebreaker because there are "more opportunities" to fight back the cold. Nighttime in the desert has a cold effect and climbing up to certain heights can be frigid.

6 Desert Voe Set

The male counterpart to the Desert Vai set can be pretty useful for traversing certain terrain. Wearing a piece or two will give Link heat resistance but locking down the whole set also gives him Shock Resistance. Sadly, it still won't grant you an all-access pass to Gerudo Village.

5 Radiant Set

Not only does this armor make Link look like an awesome Luchador, but it also glows in the dark. Aesthetics aside, the Radiant set provides some unique bonuses. Wearing a piece or two will actually lure Stal-type enemies, which can be great if you need to farm some materials. The full set hides Link from Stal-type enemies completely and provides a good attack bonus to bone-based weapons. This is great since Breath of the Wild's durability gimmick will have you grabbing whatever's laying around from time to time.

4 Ancient Set

From a stats and bonus standpoint, this armor set should be number one on the list. Unfortunately, it's not something you're going to acquire until very late in the game and, by then, you're likely rather strong already. It boasts huge defense, protects against guardian attacks, and gives a boost to ancient weapons. Too bad it takes so much grinding to unlock.

3 Barbarian Set

The Barbarian Set can be grabbed fairly early if you know where to go. It's perfect for players who love to rush their enemies as it provides a large attack boost and will cut your stamina substantially from charge attacks if you're wearing the entire set.

2 Zora Set

The Zora set not only looks amazing but offers one of the best bonuses in the game thanks to its ability to increase Link's swimming speed. There is a lot of water to be found throughout Hyrule and swimming can often feel labored and painfully slow. With this suit though, you can zip up waterfalls and the full set will consume less stamina when dashing through the water.

1 Climber Set

Is it the best looking armor in the game? No. Does it offer the best defensive stats? Not at all. Still, the Climber set is number one on our list due to its utility and function in the open world of Breath of the Wild. There are so many surfaces to climb, so much to explore, and so many nooks and crannies that can only be reached by scaling with your bare hands. This set increases Link's climbing speed and cuts down severely on the amount of stamina used to climb, making it perhaps the most valuable asset in Link's wardrobe.

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