A new piece of artwork for The Legend of Zelda leaks on Amazon ahead of Nintendo’s E3 presentation, showing Link climbing a rock face with a majestic view in the background.

Nintendo announced weeks ago that it intends to focus on The Legend of Zelda  during its E3 presentation on Tuesday. Now, some new artwork for the Wii U/NX title has leaked online via Amazon ahead of the Big N’s presentation.

The photo, first spotted by Cartridge Games, shows Link climbing a rock face with a vast world behind him in the distance. A closer inspection of the pic shows some settlements and a volcano in the far distance.  Could that be this game’s version of Death Mountain?

Nintendo has previously said that the game will be an open world and that players will be able to travel to anything they can see in the game. As Gamespot notes, this photo appears to be concept art and not a direct screenshot. Still, it looks quite beautiful and most Zelda fans will be happy to get any glimpse at all of a new game in the franchise. For its part, Nintendo did release its own Zelda art earlier this week while announcing some E3 promotions, such as exclusive Miitomo content.

Fans should learn a lot more about the upcoming title during Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event on Tuesday, where Nintendo is slated to show new footage for the game. Nintendo will also spend some time discussing Pokemon Sun/Moon and Pokemon Go but Zelda will be the Big N’s only playable title at this year’s E3.

Nintendo is also giving 500 lucky fans an opportunity to play the game from June 14 to June 19 at its New York store. Sign ups for that opportunity were completed June 11. The New York store will also participate in the Nintendo Treehouse presentation and it’s expected that some fans might make it onto the E3 live stream.

The Legend of Zelda (working title) was originally supposed to launch for Wii U in 2015 before it was delayed to give the developers time to focus on “new possibilities” for the game. The game was then delayed a second time earlier this year, this time to 2017 where it will launch simultaneously for both Wii U and NX.

Producer Eiji Aonuma has said that this installment of the franchise will be moving away from some of the series longstanding themes and practices. Gamers can expect some of these new experiences to be highlighted during Tuesday’s presentation. Many Zelda fans have long desired for the franchise to move more fully into the modern era of gaming, so it will be interesting to see what Nintendo has in store.

The Legend of Zelda will launch on Wii U and Nintendo NX sometime in 2017.

Source: Gamespot