‘The Legend of Zelda’ Armor and Weapons Added to ‘Monster Hunter Ultimate 4’

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Although they are relatively rare in the business of protected IPs and brands, crossovers can oftentimes be big moneymakers in video games. Just look at Super Smash Bros. — a title that is typically a massive seller for Nintendo.

One other title that sells really well, especially in Japan, for Nintendo is Monster Hunter, the adventuring, monster-slaying title from Capcom. And as it turns out, the latest entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, is getting a crossover of its own.

While gamers had heard rumors of it earlier this month, Capcom was happy to confirm that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be getting a few items themed around The Legend of Zelda series. Check out a brief trailer featuring the Link armor and weapons above.

Capcom notes that in addition to the Link armor sets and weapons, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also include additional tie-in items. And while the publisher wouldn’t say exactly what those items will be, that brief tease is sure to be enough to have Monster Hunter and Nintendo fans’ minds racing.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Zelda Weapons

Also, it’s unclear whether or not the Link armor sets and weapons will be included in the main 3DS retail package for MH4 Ultimate, or if they will be available as DLC. Obviously, Capcom stands to make a tiny fortune if they charge for the Zelda-themed content — as that franchise is one of Nintendo’s biggest draws — but we’d hope they offer it for free.

Although the next mainline entry in the Zelda series won’t hit the Wii U until sometime next year (at the earliest), the next few months still include some exciting titles for fans. There’s the Dynasty Warriors/Zelda collaboration Hyrule Warriors, which puts players in control of some of the franchise’s most famous characters; Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U; and now Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate thanks to this crossover items. To be honest, you could put the Master Sword in any game and it would instantly get better. Well, maybe not every game, but you get the idea.

Does the announcement of these Zelda items in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate impact your interest in this game? What other games would you like to see feature Zelda-themed content?

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases October 11, 2014 in Japan and in 2015 in the US for 3DS.

Source: Capcom

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