Young Conker Trailer Reveals New Game For HoloLens

Young Conker Trailer Reveals HoloLens Gameplay - Conker twitching Project Spark

Microsoft reveals an application for Microsoft HoloLens dev kits called Young Conker, which is a holographic platforming game starring Conker the Squirrel.

Fans of Conker's Bad Fur Day have been waiting 15 years for a proper sequel to the game. Sadly, every time it looks like there is hope for such a project, it's quickly dashed by an underwhelming reveal. And so is the story of Young Conker, which has turned out to be an app for Microsoft HoloLens.

Young Conker leaked last month, along with a number of other HoloLens projects that were also confirmed today, but now we have solid details on project. It stars a redesigned Conker the Squirrel, and tasks players with completing various platforming levels in their living rooms.

The game supposedly adapts to whatever surface the player is looking at using HoloLens. This means that players will be able to replay levels and experience them differently depending on the surface. To that end, the game is able to recognize exactly what surface is being used, so if Conker is on a couch, for example, his jumps will have an added bounce.

Judging by the trailer (which can be seen below), it doesn't appear as though Conker's signature brand of vulgar humor will be present in Young Conker. In any case, Young Conker will be available alongside the Microsoft HoloLens dev kits, which will be available for pre-order later today for a whopping $3,000 USD.


Young Conker was leaked along with other HoloLens projects last month, but even so, some expected it to be a more traditional title on Xbox One. After all, there seems to be a significant demand for a new and proper Conker game, so it would make sense for Microsoft and Rare to create one to satisfy the masses. Unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft doesn't see the value in pursuing such a project.

Some may also recall E3 2014, where Conker the Squirrel appeared on the screen, chainsaw in tow. This fooled many Xbox faithful into thinking that Xbox One was set to receive Conker's Bad Fur Day 2, only for it to turn out to be Project Spark DLC in the form of an episodic Conker story. Fans didn't buy into this venture, and as a result, Conker's Big Reunion was cancelled after only one episode.

Judging by the overwhelming amount of dislikes on the trailer for Young Conker, it looks like fans are rejecting this latest version of Conker, too. Ultimately, time will tell if Young Conker and its HoloLens platforming gameplay will be worth checking out, but odds are it will just be another forgotten side project while fans wait patiently for a true successor to 2001's Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Young Conker will be available with Microsoft HoloLens dev kits.

Source: Microsoft HoloLens

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