Today’s Nintendo Direct brought a lot of announcements with it pertaining to upcoming content for Nintendo’s 3DS. There are several big name franchises coming to the portable within the next year, one of the biggest being revealed today as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2, but there were several other noteworthy announcements that spawned from the presentation. On top of the previously mentioned Zelda title, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirmed that a new Yoshi’s Island and Mario Party would both be coming to the 3DS.


Yoshi’s Island on the 3DS will mark the third entry in a series that originally began on the Super Nintendo back in 1995. This version takes a different approach to the tried and true aesthetic of past iterations, instead going for what looks like a more claymation approach. The basic gameplay will still remain intact — allowing dedicated egg-throwers to carry an infant Mario while ground pounding unsuspecting baddies into submission — but there will be a number of new features as well.

Nintendo isn’t ready to announce what kinds of new features will be found in Yoshi’s Island, nor is it willing to provide consumers with a release window for the game, but the company has appeared quite smitten with the green dinosaur as of late. Heck, he’s even getting his very own Wii U game called Yarn Yoshi in the near future.

If that wasn’t enough, the Big N also took the liberty of revealing a new Mario Party title for its portable gaming device. Currently sans number (or subtitle for that matter) Mario’s latest party will function in a nearly identical manner as the games predating Mario Party 9 did. With individual players taking turns rolling a dice and then hopping around the board, the gameplay hasn’t varied much between iterations, but there will be a few new additions to keep the game interesting.

Mario Party for 3DS will offer players seven different game boards to play on, but each will feature a unique set of rules; providing users with entirely new obstacles and challenges every time they play. The game will also contain a whopping 81 mini-games to enjoy solo or with friends, as well as AR Card games and StreetPass battles.

Both titles will probably turn out to be welcomed additions to the Nintendo 3DS library, and the sheer bulk of what’s known to be coming down the pipe before the year is through will be more than enough to keep gamers preoccupied.

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Source: Nintendo Direct