As huge fans of the Yogscast and the 2D MOBA Awesomenauts here at Game Rant, we were very pleasantly surprised to see the announcement that Simon’s voice would be making its way to yet another indie title.

Awesomenauts has managed to draw a crowd for its unique take on the MOBA genre by giving players a two-dimensional view of the landscape, as opposed to the typical perspective of other MOBAs, such as League of Legends or the more recent Smite. Like other MOBAs though, Awesomenauts regularly adds new characters to increase the variety of the roster.

Awesomenauts Skolldir

The most recent addition is a character named Skølldir, and the backstory Ronimo has given him is worth sharing:

“Skølldir The Terrible Space Viking has raided over a hundred spaceports, cargo ships and grocery stores. His legendary thirst for battle is unquenchable. Great raids are usually followed by great feasts and soon his nickname was altered to Skølldir The Terribly Overweight Space Viking. Nothing could scorn Skølldir more than this honorless title! Skølldir has set out on his space barge to impress the universe with his lightning fast fighting skills to prove this moniker wrong and show his nimbleness. Anyone who would dare to call him fat is met with a rapid series of crushing punches and is thrown aside.”

Skølldir was clearly modeled after Simon’s dwarf character in Minecraft, Honeydew. His voice and build share some very distinct similarities, so it is probably fair to consider the Awesomenauts character canon in Yogscast lore. Then again, it might just be a shameless advertisement for both brands. Either way, it is clear that both the Yogscast and Ronimo had a lot of fun bringing Simon into the Awesomenauts universe.

If you have been keeping up with the Yogscast crew over the last few months, you should know that both Simon and Lewis made their way into Sanctum, the tower defense FPS, several months ago in a level specifically designed for them. Both members of the team lent their voices to the free Yogscave DLC, in which players are tasked with defending “Joffo Cakes,” along with murdering all the despicable enemies trying to steal them.

Have you tested out the new Terribly Overweight Space Viking yet? Let us know what you think of the Yogscast’s most recent collaboration in the comments below.

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