Yogi Bear Coming to the Wii and the DS This Holiday

Yogi Bear Game Coming to Wii and DS

Protect those picnic baskets, Ranters!  Earlier today, D3 Publishing announced that a Yogi Bear video game for the Wii and the Nintendo DS will release alongside the Yogi Bear movie this holiday season.

Yogi Bear will be a platformer chock full of adventure and stealth, as players will navigate Yogi Bear and his sidekick Boo Boo through the pitfalls of Jellystone Park.  D3 Publishing Vice President Bill Anker confirmed the Yogi Bear video game this morning:

“In time for the Hollywood release of the film, the video game promises to deliver the full Yogi Bear experience that parents can enjoy with their children.”

Dan Aykroyd (no stranger to picnic baskets himself) and Justin Timberlake (A complete stranger to suitable voice acting) will portray Yogi Bear and Boo Boo in the Yogi Bear film, so one can expect them to lend their talents to the video game as well.  I also anticipate that Ranger Smith, he of the blatantly oversized campaign hat, will be the game's main antagonist.

As a staunch supporter of all things Nintendo, I think of the Wii and the DS as the Fortress of Solitude of my video game console collection.  Sure, I might prefer to spend more time in Metropolis with my Xbox 360 or my PS3, but when I need to get away for a while and get back to my roots a little bit, the Wii and the DS are there.  Sure, my Fortress might be a little bit outdated, and I might only visit every now and then, but it still feels like home when I'm there.

However, Nintendo's unparalleled track record in movie-to-video-game flops is a constant reminder that my Fortress of Solitude has this teeny tiny little flaw in it:  An eight foot long crack in the floor that spews gouts of septic waste whenever a title like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen or Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is released.  Because toxic sludge is in fact my kryptonite, I just head back to Metropolis until the muck fully recedes.

To be fair to Yogi Bear the game, it probably isn't going to be the title that swallows my Fortress whole and utterly destroys it. Rather, it will likely just belch up another geyser of gunk that will force me to get new carpeting down there.

No, I will eventually make my way back to my Fortress.  After all, it is home.

But that crack may be a little bigger when I return.

Yogi Bear will release for the Wii and the Nintendo DS this holiday season.

Source:  CinemaBlend

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