Microsoft and Xbox executives get gamers excited for the company’s upcoming console, Project Scorpio, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer saying that 2017 will be a ‘good year.’

Following Project Scorpio’s much talked about E3 2016 reveal, the Xbox team at Microsoft has been doing its best to keep gamers excited and amped up for the upcoming release of the new Xbox hardware. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken about how much more powerful Project Scorpio is over the standard Xbox One, for example, also saying that it will be a “true 4K” console that can even offer “high-fidelity VR.”

Hot off the heels of the holiday break and the Project Scorpio hype machine is already back in action, with several Microsoft and Xbox executives taking to social media to get gamers excited. Microsoft Studios community manager Josh Stein welcomed fans to 2017, by calling it “the year of the Scorpio,” also tweeting that “Project Scorpio is coming.” While Aaron Greenberg, who is the head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft also asked if fans  are”ready for the beast,” again referring to 2017 as “the year of Project Scorpio.”

It is 2017, the year of PROJECT SCORPIO, are you ready for the beast!? 🔥♏️🔥
— Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) January 1, 2017

@BeastFireTimdog Going to be a good year. Work to do on games, platform, XBL and hardware, fun times. Im waiting to hype until we show games— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 1, 2017

Unfortunately, although the tweets had some fans certain that a big Project Scorpio announcement is on the way, Phil Spencer appears to have laid those rumors to rest. Asked to join in the ‘year of the Scorpio’ fun by a fan, Spencer replied that 2017 is “going to be a good year” with “fun times.” But, there is still “work to do” regarding Xbox games, hardware, and Xbox Live and the Xbox boss is waiting until the company shows games before he hypes Project Scorpio. The Xbox boss has previously said that Project Scorpio is making ‘amazing progress’ but it looks like that’s about as enthusiastic as he’s going to be for a while.

Understandably, some fans are disappointed at Spencer’s reluctance not to shout ‘unleash the beast’ from the nearest rooftop and that they could be waiting a while until they see the console in action again. With it being promised that Project Scorpio will run first-party games in native 4K resolutions – first-party titles such as open-world action title Crackdown 3 – gamers are eager to see those games making good use of the console’s specs.

Moreover, there are questions that remain around the Project Scorpio’s price. The sooner an official price is announced, the sooner fans can start saving up their coins (and figure out whether they can afford the console at all).

As Spencer didn’t disclose exactly when Microsoft is going to be ready to showcase games running on the Project Scorpio, it’s hard to even speculate when the console will next be shown off. E3 2017 (in June) seems like a a safe bet but with the console having a holiday 2017 release date, many fans will want to see the console long before the annual industry bash takes place this summer.

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