Twitch Streamer's Workout Attempt Ends in Embarrassment

League of Legends Tryndamere

Twitch streamer Yasukeh has an embarrassing moment live on stream after an attempt at showing viewers his workout ends in failure. The incident is up there on the list of most embarrassing streamer moments, right next to xQc being scared half to death by a maintenance man outside his window.

A martial artist, an urban dancer and a League of Legends player who mains shirtless barbarian Tryndamere, working out is an important part of Yasukeh's brand. However, Yasukeh's nearly 5,000 Twitch followers got more than they bargained for when the streamer started to do some pull-ups on the bar that he had installed on one of his door frames. After completing just seven pull-ups, Yasukeh ends up pulling the whole bar down, and the streamer crashes to the floor. The crash was so bad that it managed to take out the light fixture in the next room too.

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After a few seconds, Yasukeh can be heard saying "oh man" as he lays in pain on the floor, but the streamer was okay. Viewers seemed to get a kick out of the minor accident, with fellow Twitch streamer VexusOnTwitch creating a clip of the incident titled "pull downs," and this video has now been viewed more than 7,600 times. Yasukeh also shared a video of the clip on Twitter, joking that he got "too hype" during the workout. The Twitter version of the video has nearly 700 likes and more than 23,000 views, so the accident seems to be doing wonders for Yasukeh's brand.

The streamer may have had some minor embarrassment from the incident, and he may have caused a broken light, but this is one of the least expensive accidents that have been streamed live on Twitch. In August, Twitch streamer RusseL accidentally broke a computer monitor while trying to troll viewers while playing horror game Secret Neighbor.

In another case, xQc was banned from Twitch for three days for accidentally streaming adult content when he broadcasted a video he thought was safe for work. It's unclear just how much money that will have cost xQc, as he was unable to get any Bits or subscriptions during this period, but it won't have been cheap. In any case, the streaming accidents by all of these Twitch streamers will be a lesson to others to start being more careful.


Source: Twitch

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