Despite a leak on the Nintendo eShop that revealed the existence of something called Yoshi’s Land, it’s safe to say that gamers weren’t expecting a game quite like Yarn Yoshi. The new Wii U title was revealed during this morning’s Nintendo Direct presentation, making it the first solo adventure that Yoshi has starred in since 1998’s Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64.

The announcement was accompanied by several new screenshots, as well as a snippet of actual gameplay, giving gamers a good look at what they can expect from the title.

There weren’t many details addressed during the Yarn Yoshi segment of the Nintendo Direct, but it was confirmed that development is being headed up those responsible for Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Although the identity of the development team was obvious to anyone who looked at one of the game’s screenshots, Nintendo confirmed that one legendary game designer in particular would be supervising the game’s development process — Takashi Tezuka.

Anyone who’s played a game starring Mario’s loveable, rideable dino may be familiar with the name Takashi Tezuka, as he directed both Yoshi’s Island and the previously mentioned Yoshi’s Story. This Yoshi aficionado is without a doubt one of the most well-equipped game developers to take on a side-scrolling adventure starring the gluttonous lizard, and there’s certainly no questioning the cutesy graphical appeal that radiates from each picture of the dinosaur’s new yarn-based demeanour.

It’s certainly a good looking title, but there are still a lot that gamers still don’t know about the game. With Nintendo already starting to line up its E3 2013 press conference (so far Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, and a new 3D Mario are confirmed to be in attendance), fans can probably expect to see and learn more about Yarn Yoshi at the big show.

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