Yakuza Protagonist is Most Requested Guest Fighter for Tekken 7

yakuza protagonist most requested character tekken 7

With Tekken 7 inching closer to release, the fighting game community has begun to ramp up discussion surrounding Bandai Namco's popular fighting franchise. The recent announcement that Tekken 7 would feature more guest characters has certainly added to that growing conversation, especially because fans of the series were so pleased with the prior inclusion of Street Fighter's Akuma. In an effort to appease a dedicated fanbase - and, perhaps, for a bit of free publicity - Tekken 7 project director Katsuhiro Harada recently took to Twitter to ask fans which guest characters they would like to see in the game's upcoming DLC.

Unsurprisingly, Tekken's roots, which are heavily influenced by Japanese culture and Japanese video game history, showed in its fans' responses. The most requested character by far Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series, which recently found some semblance of mainstream success in the west with the quirky, well-received Yazuka 0. Kiryu, a Japanese gangster with ties to the Yakuza, is a complex character who has been praised for avoiding cultural stereotypes and is a huge reason for the success of his series, so it's no surprise that Tekken 7 fans would like to see him mix it up with that franchise's most famous fighters.

Other popular suggestions included Geese Howard, a character from the Fatal Fury fighting series, and Dante from Devil May Cry. It's interesting to note that other usually popular suggestions like Master Chief, Kerrigan, and Sub Zero were less represented in responses to Harada's tweet, indicating that Tekken fans are very dedicated to the fighting game genre as a whole and less likely to want characters from outside that genre when prompted to choose.

dante devil may cry

Whichever characters Bandai Namco choose to go with, fans won't need to wait much longer for the results. Tekken 7's release is just a few months away, and given that Bandai Namco has been aggressive in announcing guest characters up to this point, it wouldn't be a surprise to see others revealed prior to Tekken 7's launch.

Until then, though, fans will just have to wait and see whether or not Harada can make their dreams come true. While the tweet that prompted this discussion made no promises about including the most popular suggestions, not having Kazuma Kiryu in Tekken 7 at this point would be very disappointing to a fanbase that has made its desires very clear.

Tekken 7 launches on June 2, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Tekken Gamer

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