New 'Yakuza Of The End' Trailer Wants to Eat Your Brains

Yakuza Of the End

You know what I wish we had more of in our videogames? Zombies. I mean with E3, PAX, and now TGS almost past, it seems like the one thing that game developers aren't willing to give us is undead hordes! Well, at last SEGA has come through, with this brand new trailer for Yakuza Of The End. This brand new installment of CS1 Team's Yakuza series features protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and other characters Goro Majima, Ryuji Goda and Shun Akiyama uniting forces to take on... zombies! Yay!


Not much here that we haven't seen already, but hey, zombies tearing people apart is something I'll always watch. Even if I would really rather not. But Yakuza has its niche of fans who are loyal as they come, so a large number of them will probably pick this game up without hesitation. As for appeal to the masses, at this point it looks like a Japanese-styled Left 4 Dead, and we already have that in Resident Evil. If larger glimpses show off a bit more Japanese charm in the game, then I might change my tune, so I reserve my right to hold off on a verdict.

I've got to be honest, I've almost had enough of game developers just copying the success of other games by adding mindless waves of undead enemies, and trying to convince us that they just want to give fans a good time. I'm not sold anymore. Instead of developing a brand new game, with entirely new elements of gameplay that they're confident that fans will love, they just put out a shooter with zombies to cash in on the fad. With this year coming up, we have more zombies to look forward to in our comic book tie-ins, modern military shooters, a "guitar shooter," and car combat games.

What happened to the good old days when we had our choices of loads of different enemies to shoot at; whether they were Nazis, Super Nazis, German soldiers, or horribly mutated Nazi experiments, you knew you were getting something exciting! I guess I can't be that upset with our recent obsession with zombies. Before them it was terrorists, and before terrorists it was (and still is) aliens, so the wheel just keeps on turning. But at least Blood Drive and Rock of the Dead are adding their own twist, which may just be enough for me to love them.

How do you guys fee? Do you share my lack of enthusiasm over another zombie shooter, or are you still eating this stuff up? Or better yet, would anyone care to make a prediction on the next enemy type that will de-throne the walking dead? Personally, I'm hoping for Jawas.

No word yet on Yakuza Of The End's release date or launch systems, but when we know, you'll know.

Source: CVG

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