'Yakuza: Dead Souls' New Trailer and Details!

Yakuza Dead Souls Character Trailer

Yakuza: Dead Souls is really a grand departure from the franchise PlayStation gamers know and love, bringing an emphasis on gunplay to the series for the first time, as well as a zombie infestation of Tokyo, and well... let's just say this is a very different Yakuza game than players are familiar with.

However, some things still haven't changed, such as the four playable characters present in Yakuza: Dead Souls: Goro Majima, Ryuji Goda, Shun Akiyama and Kazuma Kiryu. Each character returns and they haven't changed a bit. Well, except for Goda, who can now turn his arm into a gatling gun.

As in Yakuza 4, gamers will be able to play as one of the four characters, though unfortunately there will not be any co-op. However, players will be able to pick a hostess -- to simplify the explanation, an attractive Japanese girl who works at club -- to be their sidekick and help eradicate the multitude of zombies. Apparently the strength of the player's relationship with their computer controlled buddies can affect the game, though Sega didn't specify whether this was through the story or the gameplay.

To learn all about the four playable characters in Yakuza: Dead Souls, check out the latest trailer!


Two Sega representatives also took to the PlayStation Blog to answer questions about the upcoming Yakuza title. As with past titles in the franchise, the game will only have Japanese voice work with an option for English subtitles. Though it may be a disappointment to non-Japanese speakers, the Yakuza titles have always had great voice acting, so fans shouldn't expect any less this time around.

While gunplay is more of a focus this time around, the series' tired and true melee combat makes its return with plenty of objects available to beat Zombies with... like a moped! If that isn't enough to convince skeptical Yakuza fans, just remember, you get to play as Majima. And he will actually pick fights with zombies. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Yakuza: Dead Souls releases in March 2012 exclusively on the PS3.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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