'Yakuza: Dead Souls' Gets A Release Date, New Trailer, Pre Order Bonuses

Yakuza Dead Souls Release Date

Ever wanted to fight zombies in Tokyo with an attractive woman by your side? Well now you can, as Sega has announced that Yakuza: Dead Souls will release in North America on March 13th, 2012 - and they've even released a new trailer to boot.

The latest trailer for Yakuza: Dead Souls showcases the gameplay. Overall, the gun mechanics look very similar to that of previous titles, wherein players press a face button to shoot and the game auto aims - though Sega has confirmed that a more traditional control scheme will be made available.

For the first time, players can also zoom in with their weapons, a common staple in most third person shooters, though a mechanic that has been absent in past games due to the series' emphasis on melee combat.

Check out the trailer below:


In addition to the release date, new info regarding the game's pre-order bonuses has also been revealed. Those who pre order Yakuza: Dead Souls from GameStop will gain access to the "Densetsu Pack" and the "God Bless America Pack." The former will offer 8 new weapons to be used by the player, as well as 14 other weapons which can be used by their AI partner. The pack also contains eight new costumes for the AI partner and some extra items. The "God Bless America" pack contains new costumes for each of the playable characters, a bonus karaoke mode for characters Kazmua and Majima, bonus content in the in-game casino, upgradable weapons, and new cut scenes.

Hopefully the "new cut scenes" won't be something too integral to the game's experience. The Yakuza titles have always had a large emphasis on story and it'd be unfortunate if gamers had to miss out on that because they chose to pre-order from a different retailer. Aside from that confusion, the game is looking great and as cliched as zombies are these days it should be fun to fight them in a different environment, as opposed to the same old American cities.

Yakuza: Dead Souls releases exclusively on the PS3 on March 13th, 2012.


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Source: VG247

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