'Yakuza: Dead Souls' Gets A Trailer For Its Mini-Games

Yakuza Dead Souls Mini Game Trailer

Fishing, golf, and karaoke: all fun actives to partake in when visiting Japan. That is, unless it's infested by zombies. Oh wait, you can still play these mini-games in Yakuza: Dead Souls? Awesome!

In the newly released trailer for Yakuza: Dead Souls, Sega chose to highlight the title's mini-games. Mini-games are a staple of the Yakuza franchise, and despite the zombie horde, players can still take a break and partake in all of the fun.

The mini games shown off in the trailer are baseball, roulette, blackjack, bowling and fishing, as well as various other sports and activities like table tennis and dancing. It should be noted that the dancing mini-game is probably worth playing just because Majima looks hilarious while he's getting down.

Check out the Yakuza: Dead Souls mini-game trailer:


It seems the mini-games retain the same old Yakuza charm, including some not too subtle sexual humor, which you can clearly see when playable character Ryuji Goda hits the ping pong ball and it goes flying right toward the hostess' chest. Speaking of the hostess, it appears that one of Dead Souls' mini-games has players hanging out with their beautiful partners, as the trailer briefly showcases Shun Akiyama having drinks with two such companions.

The question, of course, remains: how are there still mini-games if the game's setting -- the fictional Red Light district  of Tokyo -- is infested with zombies? Simple, only this section of Japan has to deal with zombies! In the game, the Red Light district is quarantined, meaning other sections of Japan are zombie free. Players will be able to travel to these sections in the game and enjoy many recreational activities. So don't worry, no one's going to keep the batting cages open when there are zombies just down the street.

Personally, when playing through Yakuza 3, I never really felt the urge to play the mini-games, as I was way too invested in the story. I did try my hand at fishing a few times, though -- damn that elusive tuna! Still, it's good to see Sega continuing the tradition for those who love this part of the franchise.

Yakuza: Dead Souls releases March 13, 2012 for the PS3.


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