Yakuza 7 Has Final Fantasy-Like Summons and They Are Hilarious

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Yakuza 7 is proving to be quite the deviation from the franchise. After the developer switched gears and created Judgement following Yakuza 6, it seems like the studio wants to further change the Yakuza status quo. Turn-based combat is a major part of that change, with Yakuza 7 dropping real-time action in favor of classic JRPG combat. But the changes don't stop there. In keeping with the JRPG theme, Yakuza 7 will apparently be getting Final Fantasy-esque Summon abilities.

Yakuza 7 was one of many games that Sega showcased during its Tokyo Game Show 2019 convention event, with gameplay demos focused on general info and some of Yakuza 7's more eccentric elements. Some examples include knocking enemies into traffic, breakdancing attacks, champagne attacks, and a woman party member who used her handbag as a weapon.

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Perhaps the most exciting Yakuza 7 reveal at TGS, however, was Yakuza 7's summon ability. While it isn't clear if this is actually a summon as opposed to just an odd scripted fight or one-time ability, it's still incredibly fun. Yakuza 7's protagonist calls a number on the telephone mid-combat. His enemy is then targeted by what can only be described as an army of lobsters. One of the lobsters powers up and attacks the enemy's face, resulting in a spout of blood.

The feature appears to be mimicking the traditional Final Fantasy summon feature, a staple in the franchise's turn-based RPG combat. Coincidentally, Square Enix also revealed the first summons for Final Fantasy 7 Remake at TGS 2019. The latest trailer gives a peek at the updated versions of both Ifrit and Shiva.

While the addition of summons to Yakuza 7's new combat system is certainly surprising, it's also exactly what fans would expect from the series. Yakuza is well-known for its mix of adult melodrama surrounding Japan's gangster underbelly and off-the-wall humor. It's almost surprising that it exists, and it likely wouldn't if it wasn't for PlayStation, and yet it's successful in the modern gaming market. It's the team's dedication to Yakuza's eccentric qualities, from the writing to combat design, that allows it to continue to succeed.

Yakuza 7 is expected to release in 2020 on PS4.

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