XSEED To Publish Vita Game 'Sumioni: Demon Arts'

XSEED To Publish Sumioni in North America

Over the past couple of months we've become quite familiar with the PlayStation Vita's game line-up, but one title that's seemed to slipped through the cracks of Western publishers and gamers is the platformer, Sumioni: Demon Arts. That is, until today, as publisher XSEED has announced that they will be bringing the title to North American Vitas in Spring 2012.

Seeing as how Sumioni: Demon Arts was only announced for Japan up until today, chances are it has slipped under the radar of handheld gamers eager to play the PSP successor. For those of you who have no knowledge about the game, allow me to explain. Sumioni is a 2D platformer with a beautiful art style; players take control of an "ink demon" whose objective it is to rid the land of evil.

The game also makes full use of the Vita's touch controls, as players can swipe their finger across the screen to create brush strokes in the levels. The brush strokes have different abilities; some are used for platforming purposes while others can be used to light objects on fire, or call in giant heavenly beasts.

Check it out the game in action and let us know what you think:


Sumioni: Demon Arts will also feature 30 levels and multiple endings, meaning those of you looking for a game with longevity should probably keep your eyes on this one.

XSEED has always been known for bringing over quirky Japanese titles to North America. Just a few weeks ago the publisher brought Japaneses horror game Corpse Party to the PSP. While these games certainly aren't million-unit sellers, they do fill a niche and we're glad the company is still willing to take a risk on some of these games, especially the more interesting ones like Sumioni which are likely to go unnoticed.

Sumioni: Demon Arts releases Spring 2012 for the PlayStation Vita.


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Source: Joystiq

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