X-Men: Destiny Trailer

X-Men Destiny Trailer

X-Men: Destiny, the upcoming Marvel game by Activision, was announced at New York Comic-Con and we were there to see the unveiling. While the X-Men: Legacy teaser presented at the event contained no gameplay footage, many thought that this game would make up for the lack of X-Men: Legends titles, replaced by the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise.

Destiny allows players to create or choose their own new mutant hero (or villain?) and fight alongside the legendary X-Men. The focus of the game is on player's choice where you get to pick your own destiny.

Similar to the NYCC teaser, the newly released full X-Men: Legacy trailer follows the animated style of showing only silhouettes with limited movement. We do however, get to see a brief shot of gameplay footage at the end of the trailer, but it still does not indicate what type of game this will be. Will it be a top-down action-RPG with 4-player co-op? Or could it be something more analogous to the 3rd person solo-experience of X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

The idea of joining the X-Men as someone you create, assuming that the game lets you do more than simply choose a pre-built character, is fascinating but if that is what you can do, can you fully customize what your abilities are and what you look like? And can that experience be shared with friends online or locally?

It's still a mystery but many fans looking for a new X-Men video game experience to fill the void left by X-Men: Legends from developer Silicon Knights. Their last title was Too Human, so that's our biggest hint of what we may come to expend from Destiny in terms of gameplay style.

We're still waiting on word as to what platforms the game will be releasing for, but we do know that X-Men: Destiny is currently planned for a late-2011 release. Stay tuned into Game Rant for more information on Destiny as it breaks and head over to Screen Rant for the latest on the X-Men: First Class movie!

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