X-Men Destiny has something of a chip on its shoulder when it comes to delivering a good story. With the recent reveal of the voice actors attached to the game, there’s a good chance that the semi-newcomers will be able to blow it out of the park. To cull some of the possible nervous-nellies, Silicon Knights has been kind enough to drop not one, but two behind the scenes videos for two of the new characters.

Straight out of SDCC, the first video focuses on Jamie Chung and her role as Aimi Yoshida. Fleeing Japan because of her mutation, her athletic abilities allow her to string together quick combos, and giver her explosive strikes against her enemy.

Though being in a new country and wrapped up in the way between X-Men and the Brotherhood, she’ll have to decide which side to choose, potentially midway through the fight.

Check out Aimi’s trailer now:

[bitsontherun inuHWcfC]

Meanwhile, Scott Porter is coming in and lending his vocal talents for the newcomer Adrian Luca. Adrian is something of an oddity, as he has to learn how to deal with his own power, coming from a world and family that had initially tried to eradicate all traces of mutants from the Earth.

With his brute strength and passion, Adrian may be someone fans will be hit-or-miss in getting used to:

[bitsontherun JZLcgZ9K]

Activision was also kind enough to give out a release date for X-Men Destiny as well, September 24th of this year. That means that you still have plenty of time to get some of those flashy pre-order perks they have been talking about recently, and still be able to get a little more info on the third actor/character combo, Milo Ventimigila as Grant Alexander.

Let us know what you think of the game so far, and how you feel about playing as seeming newcomers, rather than the tried-and-true original cast of X-Men that will be seen, but not playable.

X-Men Destiny is set to release for September 24th 2011, for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS

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