Let’s face it: we all want to be superheroes. If we were given the chance to fly or run at the speed of sound or be able to lift entire buildings over our heads, we’d gladly take it. So it’s a bit surprising that the superhero genre in gaming is only now taking off, despite being around for quite some time. The latest effort in this sub-genre is X-Men: Destiny the recent creation of Silicon Knights, which got a new trailer at E3 this year.

The trailer’s main focus is the theme of choice, showing the three playable characters available in the game, with voice-overs from both Cyclops and Magneto lecturing the players about powers and unethical mutant treatment.

Naturally, the oppression of mutants is a prevalent threat in X-Men: Destiny, as it is in every X-Men story, and how you’ll react to said oppression is the key choice of the game.

Will you side with the X-Men and try to create peace between mutants and humans? Or will you side with the Brotherhood of Mutants and seek revenge on humanity for your suffering?

The choice is yours, as indicated in the trailer below:

[bitsontherun wbe6KwC9]

While the graphics do still seem a bit outdated by today’s standards, it has a bit of a cel-shaded quality to it, which may actually work in the game’s favor if the intent is to create a comic book feel. The gameplay itself looks fairly basic, just simple beat-em-up mechanics while working alongside your intended partner. The trailer also showed the various powers your character could use, which, thanks to the plot-relevant item known as X-genes, you can change and evolve as the game progresses.

The choice aspect of the game is still a bit unclear. While you can change your character’s alignment via Destiny Moments, as outlined in the demo, and that does have an effect on your characters’ powers, what that does in terms of the plot is still unknown. Is multiple endings a possibility? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Is X-Men: Destiny a game you would be willing to get? What effect do you think the choice system will have on the game beyond possible powers? LeaveĀ  us your thoughts in the comments below.

X-Men: Destiny will be arriving this September for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and 3DS.