'X-Men Destiny' First Details Revealed

X-Men Destiny Details

Silicon Knights, the Canadian video game developer behind the Xbox 360 game Too Human, has revealed the first details behind the upcoming X-Men: Destiny, the latest game based on the X-Men comic book franchise.

Speculation about what gamers can expect intensified after the release of the trailer, which left much up to the imagination. Many fans of the X-Men: Legends franchise are hoping for a return to the top-down action role-playing co-operative X-Men experience. Others believe that this will be an entirely new type of gameplay experience. With Silicon Knights now pulling the cloak off of what they have been working on, gamers now have more insight into what to expect from X-Men: Destiny.

The anti-mutant sentiment is a common and integral part of the X-Men universe. It will reach a fevered pitch in X-Men Destiny. Silicon Knights told Official Xbox Magazine UK that players would be forced to make "tough decisions" as a member of the legendary group. The developer aims to focus on these decisions as a way to get telling a compelling story in an immersive fashion. In the game's setting, dynamic and intriguing scenarios will be born out of the landscape of rampant hate crimes and a recent loss suffered by the X-Men.

Players will take control of a child whose parent considers mutants to be "nature's greatest mistake." This a very interesting situation to be thrown into, as this perspective will seemingly breed a plethora of emotions and situations. Gamers will choose between three possible characters to play as, and then forge ahead into the storyline. X-Genes will allow players to modify the powers of their mutant by collecting mutant genes. The path of the player's character will be determined by the choices made during the game. Instead of a linear gameplay experience, the new X-Men recruit will use "decision moments" to navigate the game's branching storyline.

The element of choice is becoming an increasingly important and requested part of games. X-Men Destiny will be a brand-new way of experiencing the plight of mutants and wielding their power. Living the storyline through the eyes of a new recruit allows gamers to interact with long standing members of the superhero group, as well as feeling a part of the group. As the release window approaches, the gaming community as well as fans of the X-Men franchise will be eager to learn more about this novel take of the mutant struggle.

X-Men: Destiny will be ready to run the gambit this fall. Platforms for the game have yet to be revealed, though Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii are probably safe bets.

Source: CVG

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