Every once in a while a niche title gets a chance to shine again despite poor sales for no other reason than because it was a critical darling. Titles like Beyond Good and Evil get a chance to show gamers that they are well worth a second look.

Adding its name to that ring of rare titles is XIII, an Ubisoft-developed property that was based on the comic book series of the same name.. According to a Facebook page for handheld and PC developer Anuman Interactive players will return to the world of XIII on PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

This sequel, currently subtitled Lost Identity is set to release some time next month, giving gamers plenty of time to seek out its predecessor. Adapting the first five books in the series, XIII showcased the cel-shaded graphics developers fell in love with in the early 2000s along with an intricate plot that even spawned a TV mini-series staring Val Kilmer.

The promotion for the game has just begun, and is also in French, so the best thing we have for gamers to check out is a poster. Enjoy.

XIII Lost Identity Poster

Considering the game’s PC and iOS inclination, it’s hard to image XIII: Lost Identity sporting anything in the way of extremely updated graphics, but our hope is that the trademark visual style, which included comic book style pop-ups ala the Batman TV series, is preserved.

Combat on the other hand should be one of the biggest improvements for Lost Identity since its predecessor was largely lackluster in that category. Perhaps incorporating a more point-and-click gameplay style like TellTale Games will serve this property that is definitely more story oriented.

Unfortunately details beyond a release window and a title are scarce, much like protagonist XIII’s memory. Gamers can expect more details as the title’s release nears, but for now seek out a console version of XIII if you can.

Have you played XIII? What would you like to see return and what would you like to see improved for this XIII sequel?

XIII: Lost Identity is slated to release in November 2011 for the PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Source: Facebook

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