Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Version Announced

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A few years ago, Nintendo fans rallied together to form Operation Rainfall, which was a movement to push Nintendo to localize various Wii exclusive games in North America that had previously only been released in Europe and Japan. While we can’t be certain that Operation Rainfall’s efforts directly influenced Nintendo’s subsequent business decisions, the fact remains that the three games targeted by their campaign have all since been released in North America. One of the games, Xenoblade Chronicles, has even proven successful enough for Nintendo to warrant releasing its sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles X, in North America as well.

Those die hard Xenoblade Chronicles fans now have another chance to prove their desire for Nintendo to localize these kinds of games by spending some extra cash on the Xenoblade Chronicles sequel. Announced as an exclusive for the Nintendo’s North American audience is the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition, which is available for pre-order now.

The Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X will retail for $89.99, and offers significant bang for the buck. It comes with a physical version of the actual Xenoblade Chronicles X game, a $60 value by itself, as well as three bonus items that are likely to be hot items for video game collectors down the road.

First of all, players that shell out the extra cash for the Special Edition can look forward to a massive 100-page art book that will be stuffed with concept art of the game. This art book is made even more special by the fact that a lot of the art featured within its pages has never been visible to the public eye until now.

Along with the game and the art book, Special Edition purchasers will also get their hands on a USB drive that is modeled to resemble the in-game “Lifehold Unit” item. This USB drive comes pre-loaded with 10 songs from the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack, and considering the impeccable music from the previous Xenoblade Chronicles, we’re sure the tracks will be of the utmost quality.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition

Finally, the last piece of the Special Edition puzzle is perhaps the most unique item included in the package. It comes in the form of a matted 5×7 art card of a gorgeous painting done for the game that was originally painted by Japanese illustrator Takashi Kojo. These extra items coupled with Xenoblade Chronicles X (which will be awesome, if the E3 2015 gameplay trailer is any indication) makes the Special Edition very appealing to fans of the franchise.

It seems as though the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise is becoming a higher priority for Nintendo now, as primary protagonist for the first game, Shulk, was added to the Super Smash Bros. roster, and now they’re going all out with this impressive Special Edition for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Considering the fact that the original Xenoblade Chronicles was released in limited quantities, anyone interested in the Special Edition of its sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles X, should make their way to the retailer of their choice as soon as possible in order to pre-order and reserve a copy.

Will you be picking up the Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X? What about just the core game? What other 2015 Wii U exclusive titles are you looking forward to?

Xenoblade Chronicles X and its Special Edition are scheduled to release on December 4th in North America, exclusively for the Wii U.