Wii U JRPG 'Xenoblade Chronicles X' Releasing This Summer?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Storm

With a strong 2014 now behind them, fans of Nintendo's WiiU console are looking to see how the company is going to capitalize on that success with this year's crop of games. As it turns out, one of Nintendo's highly anticipated titles, Xenoblade Chronicles X, may be hitting WiiU's a lot sooner than expected if a recent retail listing is to be believed.

With the lead character, Shulk, recently appearing in the popular brawler Super Smash Bros, fans have been wondering just when they'd finally get their hands on this Monolith Soft developed RPG title. According to a recent post on Amazon Italy, the game listing has been updated with a June 26 release date, a typical Friday for UK and European releases. When questioned about this listing, though, a Nintendo spokesperson declined to comment on speculation or rumors.

The title is due to receive its own Japanese Nintendo Direct this coming Friday wherein the company will detail a lot more on the game, but fans in Europe and the US will have to wait a bit longer for their turn as nothing is currently planned. That being said, a 3DS version of the original Wii Xenoblade title is still coming to the handheld on April 10.

This posting has some validity to it as Amazon Italy has revealed a few game release dates in the past before official announcements have come down. Some of their previous leaks include titles like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Rocksmith 2014, and also the EA and DICE reboot of Mirror's Edge.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Ships

Nintendo's summer lineup for the WiiU is currently pretty light so having the title hit then would be a big boost. There's always a chance that Nintendo will make a number of announcements between now and then, however, as there are a few announced projects currently without solid release dates, like Mario Maker and the new Star Fox title that Shigeru Miyamoto is heading up.

It's also entirely possible that this leak comes in advance of an upcoming announcement by Nintendo as well. At the time of this post, the page listing is still available on the site but as we've seen in the past for leaked release dates, there's a good chance it'll be taken down.

Having a track record of being correct in the past, do you think this listing is correct? Are you planning on picking up this title once it releases?

Xenoblade Chronicles X is due out in Japan on April 29 and continues to have a vague 2015 window for the PAL and North American regions.

Source: Amazon Italy (via IGN)

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