Thanks to the general unpopularity of the Wii U console, many people went without experiencing what was one of the best JRPG experiences of the last console generation in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Monolith Soft’s blend of futurism and classic JRPG tropes resonated well with fans and sold well for a title stuck on a platform that was lagging behind its competitors, and it was enough to announce the development of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Luckily for Monolith Soft and Nintendo, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, a console that has been experiencing exceptional sales over its short existence so far. Today, Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would be coming sooner than expected as well, with a launch date window targeting the Holiday 2017 season. The full trailer is right here:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks like it will be unique in the sense that the party seems chiefly concerned with the exploits of two main characters, although as the trailer goes on the number of possible party members grows quite large. It’s worth noting that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has one of the most impressive RPG pedigrees behind its development, and the game looks like a natural extension of the elements that made Xenoblade Chronicles X so captivating.

Ever since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced for the Switch, fans of the series have been clamoring for more information. Finally, Nintendo has been able to provide a meaningful update, and judging from the gameplay and aesthetics showcased in the new E3 2017 trailer, it appears the Switch is quickly staking a claim for itself as the premier RPG device heading into late 2017.

e3 2017 button link image

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in time for the Holiday 2017 period.