XCom Reboot Trailer and Release Date

It’s been months since the reboot to the strategic XCOM series was announced (half a year after we reported on early rumors that a new installment was in development) and 2K Marin has finally revealed when we’ll see the alien-based shooter on our shelves.

The studio has mostly kept quiet over the last few months, but have announced in lieu of E3 that XCOM will be out on March 6, 2012 – and, alongside the release date, 2K Games has dropped the official E3 Teaser Video for the game.

The XCOM teaser trailer showcases a lot of action as well as some interesting gameplay mechanics – i.e. the enemy not only comes at you in alien form – but will be indoctrinating some of your human friends as well.

In addition, the trailer features a lot more of the first-person shooter aspects of the game, showcasing lots of explosions – and human on alien combat

Check out XCOM trailer below and see if it can indoctrinate you:


In XCOM, you’ll be placed in the action as Special Agent William Carter, leading a crack-team of XCOM Agency veterans into combat in 1950’s America. As we’ve previously reported, the reboot of the strategy franchise will be taking a new, non-canon direction (compared to the classic games) – which had previously established that the XCOM Agency was founded in 1998. Regardless, we can only hope the new first-person shooter direction goes better than it did for XCOM: Enforcer. With a completely new line of ‘inky and orby’ looking aliens to fight against, the upcoming title will be fresh experience – for old and new fans alike.

The game still has nine months to go before release, so 2K Marin still has plenty of development time to work with – as they mold the game into its final version. With an expected release date of Bioshock: Infinite also set for a Q1 release in 2012, it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of the two games get pushed back – to maximize exposure (and profits).

On a side note: The critically-acclaimed original is available on the cheap – if you never got a chance to play it. It’s a DOS-emulated game, so don’t expect fancy graphics!

What do you think about the new XCOM trailer and release date – or the reboot in general? Have you played any of the older XCOM games?

XCOM will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 12th 2012.