‘XCOM 2’ Dev ‘Not Even Discussing’ Xbox One & PS4 Versions Yet

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When XCOM 2 was announced a few days ago, fans everywhere celebrated the return of the classic turn-based strategy sci-fi franchise. 2012’s reboot of the series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, created a larger fan base for XCOM than ever before, leaving fans clamoring for a full-fledged sequel.

While many found XCOM 2‘s reveal exciting, some fans are disappointed, particularly over the announcement that XCOM 2 is a PC exclusive. As things stand right now, XCOM 2 might see a console release eventually, but for the foreseeable future, Firaxis is focused entirely on optimizing XCOM 2 for PC.

Jake Solomon, the game’s creative director, addressed the issue, stating, “When we looked at what we wanted to do with the sequel, we had all these very, very ambitious goals.” Solomon explained that Firaxis has a relatively small team of developers compared to other companies, and that, because the team’s vision for XCOM 2 is so deep and expansive, everyone simply felt more comfortable working on the PC, which is the hardware they know the best. As Solomon said, “That’s our home, and that’s where we’re really comfortable.”

However, Solomon did provide a glimmer of hope that XCOM 2 will make its way to consoles. “We’re certainly not opposed to that,” Solomon said, “but I can assure that’s something we’re not even discussing yet.”

XCOM 2 Dev 'Not Even Discussing' Xbox One & PS4 Versions Yet - Character with sword

It’s no wonder PS4 and Xbox One owners want to see XCOM 2 on their systems of choice. Enemy Unknown was a critical and commercial success, and was quickly followed by an enhanced version called Enemy Within. XCOM 2 is the reboot’s first true sequel, bringing a number of improvements and new features to the franchise, including brand new enemies,  procedurally generated levels, and destructible environments.

Still, Firaxis did leave the possibility of a console release open. Controller support will be patched into the PC version post-launch, and it would be odd for Firaxis to abandon their new console-based fans entirely. Just don’t expect to hear news until well after the PC version hits; even if a console version of XCOM 2 arrives eventually, don’t expect to see it until at least mid to late 2016 – and even that’s pretty optimistic.

XCOM 2 releases this fall, exclusively for PC.

Source: IGN