2K Games reveals that XCOM 2 will be releasing for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and offers fans a specific release date for when the game will be available.

Last generation, XCOM: Enemy Unknown earned critical acclaim across both PCs and consoles. However, console gamers that enjoyed the reboot were left in the dark when it came to XCOM 2, as the game released as a PC exclusive earlier this year. Well, console gamers will now finally have a chance to play XCOM 2, as it’s been confirmed by 2K Games that the game is finally set to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

More specifically, console gamers can expect to play XCOM 2 beginning September 6th. This announcement means that Firaxis must have changed its tune about console versions of XCOM 2, as before the studio claimed that such versions weren’t even being discussed.

It’s safe to say that fans can expect XCOM 2 to play similarly to how Enemy Unknown does on consoles, but further details aren’t available at this time. With console mod support now available thanks to Fallout 4, there is a possibility that XCOM 2 on consoles will have mod support as well, so gamers can add puppy guns, Storm Troopers, and more to their heart’s content. Of course, that is just speculation at this time.

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In the meantime, it’s not all that surprising that XCOM 2 is headed to PS4 and Xbox One. After all, XCOM 2 earned strong reviews when it released exclusively for PC back in February, and with a blueprint of how to bring XCOM to consoles already in place, it would seem odd for 2K Games to ignore the potential sales that the PS4 and Xbox One could provide.

Furthermore, there was speculation that XCOM 2 would be announced for console release around E3 time, thanks to XCOM: Enemy Unknown being free this month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Sometimes Microsoft makes games free to try to build a bigger consumer base for upcoming sequels, and so the addition of Enemy Unknown to the Xbox Live Free Games With Gold lineup is probably not just a coincidence.

Gamers that have yet to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown will have a few months to get up to speed before the sequel launches in September, and those that played and enjoyed the original should be excited to have a chance to play the sequel on consoles. It’s probably a safe bet that the first footage of XCOM 2 on consoles will come at E3 this year, so stay tuned for more information.

XCOM 2 is currently available for PC, but will launch on PS4 and Xbox One beginning September 6th.

Source: GameSpot