XCOM 2 Mod Turns Soldiers Into Star Wars Stormtroopers

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A new mod for Firaxis' strategic, turn-based tactics game XCOM 2 allows players to trade in their regular squadrons for soldiers straight out of the Star Wars universe.

XCOM 2 is not the kind of game where one should become particularly attached to any given member of their squad, no matter how amusing that soldier's name might be. While XCOM 2 is close to tactical perfection, it's also a brutal title that will often forcibly remove a soldier from players' retinues while taking a piece of those gamers souls at the same time. Perhaps because of this, modder Platoon has produced something that will add a bit more uniformity to XCOM 2 parties and have fans humming the Imperial March during playthroughs.

That's right - if gamers think it's hard to deal with the permanent deaths of XCOM 2 squadmates, downloading and installing the Star Wars Helmets mod could be the solution. As the name of the mod already indicates, Platoon's addition allows players to outfit their soldiers with helmets straight out of the Star Wars universe, and who is more replaceable than a Stormtrooper?

These options include fan favorites like Republic Commando, First Order, and classic Stormtrooper helmets, and might help the untimely deaths of XCOM 2 soldiers become a little easier to stomach. While XCOM 2 offers a robust customization system already, now gamers have the option of creating an actual clone army to throw at alien invaders without having to deal with the crippling emotional damage of losing a unique soldier.

Those interested in downloading and installing the mod should check out its Steam page for more information. While there, gamers should also consider other real, super serious additions like the XCOM 2 Puppy Gun. For those concerned about the well-being of said puppies, the gun doesn't actually shoot adorable Corgis at extraterrestrials, but rather replaces the often ugly and grim weaponry with Corgis instead.

XCOM 2 star wars mod stormtrooper helmets

It's been a good year for gaming mods so far, and XCOM 2 appears to be following in the footsteps of other successful titles like Fallout 4, as both titles have amassed a vibrant, healthy modding community. Firaxis will be hoping its game follows the trends set by Fallout 4 in more than just the latter's modding community, however. Given how successful Fallout 4 has been at awards shows this year, the developer probably wouldn't be upset to draw a few more comparisons between the two titles before 2016 is over.

What do you think about mashing the XCOM 2 and Star Wars universes together? Are we just one step away from XCOM 2 lightsabers? Let us know in the comments below.

XCOM 2 is available now for PC, Mac and Linux.

Source: Steam (via Game Informer)

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