First XCOM 2 Update Aims To Improve Performance And Bugs

2K community manager Dave Hinkle announces a new hot fix for XCOM 2 which aims to fix performance and framerate issues along with a game breaking glitch in the tutorial level.

After launching two weeks ago to positive reviews, including Game Rant's, many fans have run into various performance or glitch-related issues within XCOM 2 – affectively hindering their progress or just making the game somewhat of a chore to play. As of yesterday, developer Firaxis managed to release a small update which promised numerous fixes for performance and crashing related issues. Based on user feedback however, it appears there's still work to be done for the studio.

Dave Hinkle, community manager at 2K, posted an announcement on the Steam forum announcing the small hot fix and what players should expect after updating the game. The biggest fix to XCOM 2 comes to the tutorial level which featured a nasty bug that prevented players from advancing past this stage. In addition, using the preview voice button for a modded voice pack will no longer crash the game, textured streaming has been adjusted to increase frame rate, and saves that feature a Chryssalid Cocoon will now load as expected. Oddly enough, the team decided to completely remove the 8x MSAA option from the default Max settings.

XCOM 2 psi-ops

Hinkle also made fans aware that the studio knows of additional issues and is working on a number of fixes and performance improvements which should be arriving over the coming months. The issues in this hot fix were a priority to the studio which is why they were tackled and released first.

Unfortunately, based on feedback to the update, it appears that the hot fix may have done more harm than good. Many players have started to report that the game is now much worse off than it had been previously. Odd behaviors like missing textures and various glitches are being reported more frequently, but it appears that for many players, the game now crashes often after the update has been applied. Firaxis has not commented at this time.

Unlike the previous XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 is a PC exclusive title. While the initial reveal proved to be exciting for most fans of the franchise, the real disappointment came at the end when it was revealed that the title would not be coming to consoles. Unfortunately, not much has changed on that front either, as Firaxis continues to work on the PC version and isn't currently interested in even discussing the possibility of a console edition. Thankfully the studio isn't opposed to the idea, so it's entirely possible that console fans could be seeing another alien invasion in the future.

Are you seeing any improvements after installing the new patch? Let us know in the comments below.

XCOM 2 is available now on PC.

Source: Steam Forums

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