Update: XCOM 2 is now released and deals have kept pace, with discounts up to 25% off for Digital Deluxe.

Welcome back Commander. XCOM 2 is now less than a handful of days away from launch, and if you’re considering the game because you’ve been a fan of what Firaxis has been doing to the rebooted series since XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we’ve rounded up all the PC pre-order deals for the Friday release.

The XCOM 2 deals are available from the standard edition to the Digital Deluxe edition, bundling the reasonably priced Season Pass (most likely because we’ll be seeing an expansion of some sort in a year’s time). Currently we’re seeing at least three XCOM 2 deals where you won’t need to fork over the full $59.99 list price just to get the Steam copy of the game (or $74.99 in the case of the Digital Deluxe Edition).

XCOM 2 Deals

Digital Deluxe Edition with Season Pass

Standard Edition

Interestingly for GMG, they are presenting two different type of offers depending on your region. For those in North America, you can get 23% off with the coupon above on the Deluxe, or grab the standard in the VIP section, which requires a login to see the discount (one of those add-to-cart before we show you a price type of thing retailers like to do). For European customers, you can simply use the 25% code listed above to get a quick XCOM 2 Steam key discount.

All of the retailers mentioned above are official distributors and will of course come with the pre-order bonus “Resistance Warrior Pack.” Included in Resistance Warrior Pack is bonus outfits, headgear, and custom facial war paint for your recruits. You’ll also unlock a survivor of the old war as a recruit in your barracks. The pre-order bonus DLC will disappear after the game is released on February 5th (though it’ll most likely show up later in an eventual “Complete Edition”). Update: This pre-order bonus is now no longer available as the game is released.

XCOM 2 Standard vs Deluxe

Is it worthwhile to fork over a few extra bucks for the Deluxe Edition? This is probably an easy decision if you’re a big XCOM fan, and if you’ve already made up the mindset on paying the full $60 to play the game near release.

The Deluxe comes with the base XCOM 2 game, digital soundtrack, and the Season Pass (called the Reinforcement Pack). The price starts at $75 on Steam Store… or $15 more than the $60 base game. While there’s a quick $5 saving given the Reinforcement Pack sells separately for $20, you can of course pre-order from any of the retailers listed above for even more discount.


Planned DLC packs in the Season Pass includes three upcoming additions:

  • Anarchy’s Children – a rebellion themed DLC to be released in Spring 2016 (no missions for this as far s we know).
  • Alien Hunters – new soldier customization and additional mission gameplay centered around hunting aliens (name speaks for itself). Planned for Summer 2016.
  • Shen’s Last Gift – new soldier class with unique upgradeable weapons and gears. New narrative-driven missions and map. Also planned for Summer 2016. This one is probably related to Dr. Shen from XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Update: Pre-load went live yesterday and release schedule was also revealed. Those of us in North America can expect the game to be unlocked fully on Thursday, 9PM Pacific or  12AM Eastern. XCOM 2 has been receiving strong reviews and it would be interesting to check back months later to see if sales match up the rave.

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