XCOM 2 Gets Controller Support On PC

XCOM 2 Controller Support

Firaxis Games releases a patch which finally brings controller support to the the PC version of XCOM 2, along with a few bug fixes and a camera update.

Almost nine months after XCOM 2 first arrived on PC, commanders around the world can now order their squad of soldiers around without the aid of a keyboard and mouse. The first title had previously offered controller support, so XCOM 2 fans had more or less been expecting more of the same in an eventual update. The new patch released by Firaxis also fixes a few bugs in addition to allowing players to commandeer a PC-connected controller, an update many gamers had though would coincide with the game's belated console release in late September.

The sequel to the highly acclaimed series revival threw gamers into a canon plotline with humanity on the verge of defeat, and after playing through the title from start to finish we called it the poster boy of the modern turn-based strategy game. The highly-polished game ended up being one of Game Rant's Top Ten Games of 2016, and while strategy games aren't always known for their ability to work well with controllers instead of keyboards, it's good to see that Firaxis Games is giving gamers the option to use this if they want to.

Thanks to some camera adjustments implimented in the patch, gamers will also be able to use their controllers to fully explore The Avenger for the first time ever. Those who have a PC copy of the game and a connected controller can give themselves a first person camera fly-by to check in on their soldiers around the ship, as pictured below:


Gamers playing on PC can also enjoy over 2,000 different modifications for the game, thanks to the Steam Workshop, which range from questionable puppy guns to the ability to recruit bona fide stormtroopers into XCOM. Unlike Bethesda's inclusion of modifications on the console editions of Skyrim: Special Edition and Fallout 4, XCOM 2 players still won't be able to access any of these modifications unless they play from PC.

Aside of the post-launch DLC which includes the Enemy Within-inspired Shen's Last Gift and a variety of cosmetic additions, this isn't the first time Firaxis has patched the title to squash bugs of the non-alien variety. It's good to know that even with the release of Civilization 6, Firaxis Games hasn't dropped support for one of its other hit strategy titles.

The game has gone on a few sales in the past, so those who haven't picked up XCOM 2 yet should keep an eye out as the holiday window approaches.

XCOM 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: EuroGamer

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