Gets a Makeover, New Features Tomorrow gets makeover

Today, Major Nelson announced that Microsoft plans to make some pretty big changes to the Xbox website tomorrow morning. Major also gave some details as to what we can all expect next time we log in to compare gamer scores with our friends. Going over what they have in store, there's no doubt Microsoft was going for a more user friendly site.

New features include a better search engine for checking out what content is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, extended parental control tools that allow you to check out what your family is doing and how they use Live, and an improved interface for viewing messages, friend requests, and game invites. Microsoft is also adding account notifications, presumably giving Live subscribers more of a heads up as to when their subscription will run out. will also boast a browser based avatar editor, allowing you to change your virtual self as you see fit and preview what you'd look like in any of the avatar items that can be purchased on the marketplace. Finally, the website will also let you to play web games with your Xbox Live friends, either in a browser or on a Windows Phone 7 device. Check out a preview of what the site will look like on the flickr gallery Major Nelson put up.

It's important to note that will be down while Microsoft performs the server side upgrades. Major Nelson was kind enough to give us a time that Microsoft plans to start the makeover depending what time zone you are in: 5am EST, 2am PST, and 9am GMT. Currently, there's no word on how long it will take for Microsoft to implement the new changes. On the plus side, for those of us that like to stay up until the crack of dawn, Xbox Live status will be uninterrupted.

Ranters, how important is for you? Is the avatar editor and the ability to play web games something you'll take advantage of? What features do you want to see Microsoft add in a future update? Hit us up in the comments section below!

Source: Major Nelson

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