Xbox Boss Doesn't Think Upgradeable Consoles Will Sell

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Project Scorpio, Microsoft's mysterious high-powered Xbox One console, has been in the spotlight a bit more recently, as the company is expected to start revealing the new machine leading up to E3. While there's still a lot fans don't know, a popular theory that the console could be modded or upgraded with new parts by users has recently been shut down. While the rumor has been debated previously, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, finally confirmed that this won't be possible with Project Scorpio.

In a Twitter exchange with a fan, Spencer confirmed that the idea that end users would need to open up and upgrade parts of a console on their own felt "like a stretch." Players hoping to further increase the 6 teraflops of performance or 8 CPU cores with something beefier like they would on a PC are out of luck.

At this point, the news isn't very surprising and lines up with the belief that Project Scorpio is following the smartphone business model where a new devices or versions are released fairly often rather than after a set number of years. Spencer has also previously mentioned that he finds something special in the fact that fans buy an appliance like device, plug it in, and it fires up instantly on the TV without needing a screwdriver set.

While the news may disappoint some folks, on some level it does make sense that Microsoft would want to remove this feature as at that point the company would be competing with itself due to the Windows PC market. Would fans be more interested in an upgradable console enough to select Scorpio over an already highly customizable PC? It's tough to say, but Microsoft has seemingly decided that Scorpio will remain plug and play friendly.

Fans have been curious to know if Microsoft plans to make the HDD easily swappable like it was back on the Xbox 360, or if it's locked into place like the current iteration. With a reveal coming soon, fans may not need to wait too much longer for answers.

Would you prefer a console that can be upgraded with new parts or do you prefer the current plug and play style?

Stay tuned for more information regarding Microsoft’s next Xbox One, the True 4K console Project Scorpio, in the weeks and months to come.

Source: Phil Spencer

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