Xbox Twitter Pokes Fun at Sony Fortnite Controversy

Xbox shades Sony Fortnite cross-play controversy

After Fortnite was announced for Nintendo Switch at E3 2018, fans were excited by the possibilities another portable version could offer. But that elation quickly turned to disappointment when fans realized that the game barred them from signing in if their Epic Games account had already been used on PS4. Not only that, but cross-play between the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch isn't available either.

Fortnite fans have already weighed in on the controversy, with some begging Sony to fix the problem while others criticized the company for once again failing to enable cross-play in the way that fans want it. But fans weren't the only ones having fun at Sony's expense, as the official Xbox UK Twitter account also joined in on the banter, cheekily tweeting the Nintendo UK Twitter account to ask "wanna play some Fortnite later?"

Fans of Xbox and Nintendo as well as those outraged at Sony's stance on cross-play have been sharing the tweet and it currently stands at 4,136 Retweets and 11,039 Likes. The replies are also filled with fans encouraging upset PS4 players to come to the "red" or "green" side. It's unclear exactly how many people have done that based on the controversy, but the replies suggest that some are at least considering it.

Even though it's not yet known how much of an impact this may have had on PS4 sales, it is already impacting Sony's bottom line in other ways. After the news broke about the lack of cross-play and the barred Epic Games accounts, Sony stock dropped, highlighting that the company's investors are aware of fans' unhappiness.

This isn't the first time that Sony has had to weather backlash about its cross-play stance, having also caused controversy over the Minecraft cross-play update. However, fans will be hoping that it is the last time. It's evident that they are incredibly upset about the limitations and the inability to play with their friends on other consoles. Whether this Fortnite backlash will be enough for Sony to change its mind remains to be seen.

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