A Twitter user with a good track record on Xbox rumors claims that Microsoft will launch a Summer Sale for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 10 titles starting next week.

Summer is always a good time for gamers who love a deal, thanks largely in part to Steam’s annual Summer Sale, which is currently running through July 4th. But that sale isn’t much help for gamers who prefer to play on consoles. Luckily, Sony decided to get in on the action with a Mid-Year Sale that kicked off two days ago and now a new rumor indicates that Microsoft may join the party with a Xbox Summer Sale scheduled to start next week.

The news comes from Twitter user Ekim, who accurately predicted the latest Games with Gold offerings in advance of Microsoft’s announcement. Ekim’s timeline currently has a long list of musings about the alleged sale, including some specific deals that might be on the way. These include a Metro: Redux bundle on Xbox One for $7.50 and Red Dead Redemption at the same price on Xbox 360. Ekim claims that many of the prices will be on par with what games are currently going for during the Steam Summer Sale. Additional discounts may also be available for Xbox Gold members.

Btw: Xbox Sale contains a lot of new AAA titles. Discounts are on the Steam Summer Sale level for most of them. Some even cheaper with Gold
— ekim (@ekim_gaf) June 29, 2016

PC gamers may also want to take note as Ekim claims that Microsoft will include some discounts on Windows 10 games to go along with all of the console titles. If true, this would mesh nicely with the new strategy Microsoft announced during E3 2016 called Xbox Play Anywhere. Gamers who purchase selected titles on either Windows 10 or Xbox One will receive the game for free on the other platform and no Gold membership is required to reap this benefit.

But to be clear, none of this is official until Microsoft confirms it. Xbox‘s Larry Hryb/Major Nelson has typically taken on the task of letting know gamers know when a new promotion is available so all eyes will be tuned to his Twitter account on Friday, which is when Ekim says Microsoft will officially announce the promotion. Even if Ekim ends up being wrong about the start date, Microsoft has always held a summer sale so one should be announced at some point if not tomorrow. If past Xbox sales are any indication, there should be a wide variety of games available for $10 or less. No word yet if any hardware like this past spring’s Xbox One bundle deals will be available, but with the Xbox One S on schedule to release this August, a July sale would provide Microsoft with the perfect opportunity to exhaust its supply of the current console.

Source: Twitter