In most cases, video game trolls are nothing but frustrating. The best way to handle them is to not give them any attention and hope that they go away or get voted out of the game. That being said, on rare occasions, trolls actually provide enough entertainment that we have to loosen up and give them some credit. We try not to encourage trolling, but this prank is just too brilliant to ignore…

Everyone who owns an Xbox One is likely familiar with the most common voice commands. Xbox Watch TV, Xbox Snap to Netflix, Xbox Turn off, etc. (and we admit that it’s more fun than it should be to walk by someone else’s gaming session and use their own Kinect against them). However, this Call of Duty: Ghosts troll takes things one step further: tricking players into using their own voice against themselves.

Sound complicated? It’s easier than you’d think. Take a look at the chaos ‘Xbox Sign Out’ is able to wreak with nothing but a cleverly crafted Gamertag:

Now that the video has gone viral and reached over a million views, it is unlikely that many folks left in the Xbox One community will be unaware of the prank. Although, as the narrator points out, if you get a gamer frustrated enough, it’s pretty likely that they will yell your Gamertag without thinking much about what it will mean to their Kinect.

Rumors are already starting to circulate about whether or not Microsoft will allow users to create similar Gamertags after ‘Xbox Sign Out’s’ antics. There are only a limited number of voice commands available at this point, so hopefully we will get a chance to see at least one variation of the prank before Microsoft decides to crack down on the trolls.

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb has already confirmed that constant improvements to the Kinect are a major priority as updates and enhancements are being planned for the Xbox One. Microsoft is fully committed to making the Kinect gestures and voice commands a staple of the next-gen experience, so thanks to the emphasis on voice controls, we potentially have a nice long console generation of similar pranks ahead of us.

Despite the unavoidable target you put on yourself for pranks when using the Kinect voice commands, the alternative method of controlling your console is surprisingly effective and popular. In addition to controlling the Xbox One games and apps, the ability to control you cable box via voice commands is also strangely addicting. Most of the time the voice commands are not any faster than using a control to complete any given operation, but the convenience of not reaching for a remote is definitely a factor.

Do you find the new Xbox One voice commands useful or do they seem like a gimmick? Sound off in the comments.


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